Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Review

NEW 2016 Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber Treadmill Is Here!


bowflex treadclimber tc200 review
Bowflex Treadclimber TC200

The New Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 is brand new for 2016, replacing the older TC20 model

This is the premium luxury Treadclimber – with all of the bells and whistles.

It comes with an upgraded console complete with charging station and a Free Bowflex app specially designed for the TC200 and Bluetooth that will track your workouts goals over time.

Of course you still get the main benefit of this machine – burn 2.5 times more calories than a regular treadmill. So you’ll see faster results in less time.

Is the TC200 Treadclimber right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:



The Basics:

Price: $3599 (Click Here For A Free Coupon Code)

Workout Programs: 5 – Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Distance Goal, Time Goal, and Intervals
Celebrations and Awards

Speed: 0.5 – 4.5 MPH

User Profiles: 4

Dimensions: 55″ L x 31.5″ W x 62.5″ H

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 3 Years on Entire Machine


bowflex treadclimber tc20 console


Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Review – the Pros:


#1 Burn up to 423 Calories in 30 Minutes

In a University of Wisconsin study, Treadclimber users burned up to 423 calories in just 30 minutes – more than the stepper or treadmill. This means you can get faster weight loss results – just by walking!



treadclimber calories burned



#2 New, Upgraded Console

The Console on the older TC20 model was pretty decent. However the new console is even better. It has a bright, backlit console with a larger space to store your keys, magazines etc.




Plus there’s larger, easy-to-reach stop/start buttons along with quick speed changes buttons.

You also get the media shelf to hold your tablet, phone or magazines and a charging station to charge you devices as you walk.




#3 Longer Foot Treadles

The TC200 has longer treadles than the TC100 model. This makes it ideal for taller users or just those who want the extra room to move.

tc200 treadclimber treadles



#4 Heart Rate Tracking Options

This is another feature that the older model didn’t have – a hand grip heart rate monitor. So you can easily stay in your fat-burning zone as you walk.

The TC200 also comes with a wireless heart rate chest strap. A lot of people prefer this since it’s more convenient than constantly grasping the hand sensors.




#5 Media Shelf with Charging Station

Want to watch movies on your tablet while you walk? No problem. The Media shelf holds books, tablet, magazine or your phone.

And the built-in USB port lets you charge your devices as you walk.


bowflex tc20 app



#6 Free Bowflex App

You can set, monitor, and track your personal fitness goals with the free TreadClimber App with integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

The App automatically shares your data with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, and Bowflex Connect.

The TC200 tracks date for up to 4 different users – great for multiple user households.



#7 Five Different Built-in Workouts

Another feature that the TC200 Treadclimber has that is not found on the TC100 is 5 different built-in workouts. You can choose from programs like Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal, and Interval.



heart rate on tc20 treadclimber



Pro #8 Heart Rate Zone Indicator

The Heart Rate Zone Light Bar lets you track your heart rate across 4 discrete zones including Warm-up, Fat Burn, Cardio, and Performance. This works either with the hand grip sensors or the wireless chest strap.


Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 Review – the Cons:


#1 Not For Runners

With a top speed of 4.5 MPH, the Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 is really not made for running. You can get the high calorie burning results just by walking.


bowflex treadclimber tc20 review

#2 Not for Buyers on a Budget

The TC200 is the premium model in the Treadclimber series – if you’re on a budget you may want to go with the simpler TC100 model instead.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for the ultimate Treadclimber, the TC20 is your machine. It gives you all the bells and whistles – from longer treadbelts to workout tracking apps to built-in workouts to wireless heart rate monitoring and more.

Plus it has tracking and storage for 4 users – which makes it great for multiple user households.



Where To Buy and Save:

You can get the new Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber direct from the Manufacturer here. Also, use the link below to get a Free Promo code to save on any Treadclimber purchase.


Click Here To Save on the Bowflex TC200


bowflex treadclimber tc200 review
Bowflex Treadclimber TC200

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