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Nordic track treadmill reviews

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Plus, for a fast look at how these treadmills rate – here’s a quick chart of prices and ratings:


Nordictrack C600
3 / 5 Stars
Nordictrack C700
3 / 5 Stars
Nordictrack C970
4 / 5 stars
Nordictrack 1750
4 / 5 Stars
Commercial 2450
5 / 5 stars


Nordictrack Treadclimber – What You Need To Know

October 22, 2014

Is There Really Such A Thing?   The other day I was looking at the logs of this website to see which keywords people were typing in order to find this website. One thing that was interesting was that a lot of people were looking for the “Nordictrack Treadclimber”. This is interesting because the Nordictrack Treadclimber […]

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Nordictrack Commercial 1750 vs 2450

October 7, 2014

A Quick Comparison of the Nordictrack 2450 vs 1750:   The Nordictrack 2450 and 1750 are two models in Nordictrack’s “Commercial” series of treadmills, built with stronger construction, tougher motors, full color consoles and even web browsers. So which one is best for you? Here’s an overview of where they’re the same – and where […]

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Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill Review

September 15, 2014

Benefits of the Nordictrack Commercial 2950Treadmill   The Nordictrack Commercial 2950 treadmill comes with something most home treadmills do not – a built in TV. But it’s not just a simple TV treadmill – you also get a lot more than that including a full-color web browser, adjustable cushioning, decline and extra-wide deck. Plus with iFit built-in, […]

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Incline Trainer Or Treadmill – Video

September 7, 2014

Does an Incline Trainer Really Burn More Calories?   A lot of people wonder if they should get an incline trainer or a treadmill. Here’s a fantastic video done by a couple of guys comparing the Nordictrack X9 incline trainer vs the Nordictrack 1750 treadmill While I don’t necessarily agree with their conclusions about heart […]

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Nordictrack Elite 9700 Treadmill Review

September 1, 2014

Benefits of the Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro Treadmill   The Elite 9700 Pro is one of Nordictrack’s premium models, with everything – and anything – that you could possibly want. It carries one of Nordic tracks largest motors. And the extra wide belt with 9-setting adjustable cushioning is perfect for runners who want a more customized workout. Plus the […]

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Top Incline Treadmills for 2014

August 14, 2014

Top 4 Incline Trainer Options On the Market   Looking for the top incline trainers? These are a new type of hybrid treadmill that exploded onto the market with the introduction of the Bowflex Treadclimber and the Nordictrack incline trainer. They have the main benefit of helping you burn calories very fast. The Nordictrack X9 for […]

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Nordictrack 2450 Review Video

August 2, 2014

Is the Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Worth Your Money?   The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 is an upgrade to the very popular Commercial 1750 model with a stronger motor, more workout programs and a built-in 15 inch HD TV. It also has a touch-screen 7 inch web browser (separate from the TV) so you can watch […]

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Nordictrack X7 Incline Trainer

July 21, 2014

Nordictrack X7i Review – Pros and Cons   The Nordictrack X7i is currently Nordictrack’s most affordable incline trainer, which makes it pretty popular. It still gives you the full 0 – 40% incline which means you can burn up to 5 times the calories as walking on a flat treadmill. And it now also carries […]

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