Horizon T303 Review

How Does the T303 Compare to Other Treadmills Under $1000?


horizon t303 treadmill review
Horizon T303 Treadmill

The Horizon T303 doesn’t get a lot of press, which is a shame, since it’s a solid little buy under $1000.

Highlights of the machine include a backlit console with racetrack display, lots of storage space, an extra long belt and a super quiet running motor.

Is it right for you? How does it compare to other treadmills?

Here’s a few things you should know:


The Basics:

Price $999 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.5 HP

Incline: 12%

Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH

Folding? Yes

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime on frame and brake; two years on parts; and one year on labor


 horizon T303 console


Benefits of the Horizon T303:


Runs Extremely Quiet

Horizon tends to make very quiet running treadmills. And the T303 is extremely quiet. This is great if you have little ones at home who nap – or if you just want to make sure you hear the TV when walking.


Extra Long Running Belt

The 60″ belt is very generous and gives you some extra room to move over many other treadmills at this price point. You can stretch out and run without feeling like you’re falling off the belt.


horizon t303 storageExtra Storage Space

There are a lot of pockets on this treadmill – both on the console and in the added tray under the console.

So you can easily store your keys, phone, TV remote, book, etc. It’s a small thing – but remarkably convenient


Set-A-Goal Center

You can set a time, distance or calorie-burning goal with this feature. It then tracks and charts your progress daily, weekly or monthly – which is a great motivation to keep going and reach your goals.


Variable Cushioning

This is NOT the same as adjustable cushioning. However variable cushioning is more sophisticated than many standard systems.

horizon t303 cushioningWith this system, you have variable/different cushioning at different points in the belt. So where you foot hits the belt, there’s extra cushioning.

And where you push off, the deck is a bit firmer – to return energy to your stride. If you’re a runner, you’ll notice the difference after a long workout with this system.


iPod Dock

While this is pretty standard, it’s still nice to have. You can plug in your iPod or MP3 and play your favorite tunes through 2 built-in console speakers.


How Does the Horizon T303 Compare to Other Treadmills at This Price Point?

Overall, this is a very strong treadmill construction wise. The extra long belt and higher 12 MPH speed limit were nice additions you don’t often get at this price point.


horizon t303 treadmill review - console



The extra storage space is also something that you don’t usually get with other $1000-treadmills.

On the downside, you don’t get as much in terms of workout programs, online activities or fitness tracking as you get with Nordictrack (and iFit LIVE). But overall, the T303 is still a good value treadmill that’s covered by an excellent warranty and a solid manufacturer.



Where to Buy and Save

You can get the Horizon T303 Treadmill direct from the Manufacturer. As of this writing, they’re offering Free Shipping, which can save you about $150

Click Here for More on the Horizon T303 Treadmill


horizon t303 treadmill review



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