Nordic Track 700 Review – Worth Your Money?

What You Need To Know About The Nordic  Track C700 Treadmill

PLEASE NOTE: The C700 is an older Nordictrack treadmill that has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the C630 treadmill.

Nordic Track C700 Treadmill

Price:$799 nordic track C700 Treadmill
Motor: 2.75HP
Belt Size: 20 x 58"
Max Incline: 12%
Folding: Yes
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
One of Nordic Track's newest starter treadmills, the C700 comes in at a very affordable price. It folds up for easy storage and comes with a backlit console. The one-touch speed/incline buttons help you change your settings quickly. It comes iFit compatible so you can add on to your treadmill over time (new workouts, online goal tracking). Plus you also get 24 built-in workouts and an iPod dock as well. Good starter model.



nordic track C700 Treadmill Console



Nordic Track C700 Treadmill Review – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:


The Good:

Nordic Track doesn’t make a lot of treadmills for under $800. They’re more of a mid-level player. So consequently, their starter treadmills are very popular. To get a Nordic Track for under $800 is considered a great deal.

While on the simpler side, the C700 does give you some decent value for a starter model – including the longer 58″ treadbelt (most treadmills at this price point only give you about 52 – 55″) and a decent sized motor.

The treadmill folds up to save you space and gives you speeds of up to 12 MPH which will give you some room to push yourself.

The one-touch speed and incline buttons up and down the sides of the console make it easy to change your workout on the fly. And the backlit display is easy to read from multiple angles.


Nordic Track C700 treadmill


The fan – while not all that strong – is decent. And the iPod dock and 24 built-in workout programs give you some nice ways to distract yourself from a particularly grueling workout.

The C700 treadmill also comes iFit compatible. iFit is an ICON-exclusive technology that lets you connect your treadmill to the Internet using the wireless in your home.

From there you can do all sorts of wild and crazy things – like map out trails using Google maps and Google streetview, download new workouts from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels and race against your Facebook friends.


The Bad and the Ugly:

While the Nordictrack C700 comes iFit compatible – you do have to buy the iFit module and subscribe online to iFit (which is about $99 a year).

Most people are not aware of this. However you don’t have to use iFit to use or enjoy the treadmill itself. It’s more like an upsell option that Nordic Track offers if you want to use it.

Also, the console is on the simpler side – which is no big deal. It’s what you’d expect at this price point. The console window is one of Nordic track’s smaller windows and it’s only one-color, not multi-color – which some people prefer.



nordic track c700 treadmill console


Is It Worth Your Money?

If you’re on a budget and want a good value brand for under $800, thc C700 is definitely worth considering. While it’s on the simpler side, it does give you some decent basics covered by a very good warranty.

While frequent runners may want to invest a bit more in a higher end unit, for walkers and occasional joggers, the C700 should be just fine.

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nordic track c700 treadmill


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