Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Pros and Cons of the Sole F80 Treadmill


Sole F80

Sole treadmills used to be much more popular about 10 years ago.

They’re still known by some treadmill buyers and one of the most popular models is the Sole F80.

It’s sturdy and heavy for added stability – with a strong 3.5 HP motor.

It also has 15 levels of incline and side handrail controls for quick, on-the-fly changes

Is it a good buy for you?

How does it stack up to other models?

Here’s a review of what you should know:


The Basics:

Price: $1499 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 3.5 HP

Incline: 15%

Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH

Built-In Workouts: 10

Warranty:  Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts, 2 Year Labor


Sole F80 Console

Sole F80 Treadmill Review – Benefits:

Backlit LCD Console

While the console is pretty dated, it is backlit and easy to read. You get constant feedback on your heart rate, speed, pace and calories burned. There’s also a scrolling message board to walk you through your workout and a racetrack display.

To stay cool you have a fan in the console and there’s also easy-to-reach stop/start buttons. You can also plug in your phone and play music through the built-in speakers. These are fairly standard features – but they’re still nice to find on the Sole F80



Media Shelf

Sole recently added a media shelf above the console to this treadmill. You can attach your tablet and surf the net or watch YouTube videos as you run.


Side Handrail Controls

The Sole F80 treadmill also carries side handrail controls. You can change your speed or incline with the control buttons on the side handrails instead of reaching up to the console to do it. This is handy if you’re running since you don’t have to throw off your stride.



Folds Up with Shock Assist

The Sole F80 deck folds up and locks into place with wheels on the bottom for easier movement. There’s also a shock-assisted fold to help save the strain on your back.


Extra Accessories Tray

Store your keys, remote or other accessories with the added accessories tray under the console on this treadmill.



Sole F80 Treadmill – Any Drawbacks?

Unfortunately, while the Sole F80 used to be a great treadmill, it hasn’t really kept up with other treadmills over the years and it’s popularity has fallen.

While other brands have consistently updated their most popular models with the latest technology like streaming fitness classes, personalized workouts or world trail runs, the best Sole has managed to do was to add a tablet holder.

The Sole F80 console is dated when compared to the multi-color consoles on Nordictrack, Proform or Bowflex Treadmills. You also don’t get as many built-in workouts as these treadmills.

Also there have been reports of the accessories tray falling off.




Bottom Line?

There’s no doubt that the Sole F80 treadmill is a solid, stable treadmill. It has a strong motor, large belt size and a good 15 levels of incline. Plus, Sole has recently added a tablet holder and a music port with speakers.

So overall, it’s a decent treadmill.

However does it outshine other treadmills in a similar price-class?

Not really.

If you love the Sole name, then the F80 might be a great buy for you. But overall, it just doesn’t give you as much as other similarly priced brands like Nordictrack, Bowflex or even Proform.



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