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Looking for Bladez Treadmill Reviews? Wondering if a Bladez Treadmill is a good buy for you? This article will go over a few things to know about Bladez home treadmills to help you decide.


Some Background on Bladez Treadmills:


First of all, these treadmills are produced by Bladez Fitness – part of the Bladez Corporation. The Bladez Corporation also makes gas and electric scooters and personal mobility vehicles as well as ellipticals and exercise bikes.

The one thing these treadmills used to be known for is that many had built-in TVs in their consoles. However, as of this writing there are only a few TV treadmills left.

With the advent of online web browsers and iFit LIVE tools that brands like Nordic Track and Proform are using, console TV’s seem to have fallen out of favor with buyers.

Bladez also produces several mid-priced folding home treadmills. While these aren’t as popular as some other brands, they do offer you a few benefits:


Benefits of Bladez Treadmills:


#1 Folding with Shock Assist

Many units fold up with shock assist. So you don’t have to pick up the heavy deck yourself and lock it into place. You just use the lift assist and the treadmill practically folds and unfolds itself.


#2 Well-Built, Attractive Consoles

We really like the consoles on these machines. They are bright, easy-to-read and well, laid out. There’s even a keypad entry on some models to make your stats more customized.


bladez treadmill console


The Bladez models with TV offer a 7″ TV built-in – plus the TV is adjustable – so you can move it to accommodate your height.


#3 Decent Warranties

The warranties on these treadmills are pretty decent.  Most models now come with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5 – 10 years on parts and 1-2 years on labor. This is a great warranty – especially for parts – which can give you extensive protection on your investment.


Drawbacks of Bladez Treadmills:


As stated above, this brand is not as well known as other brands. There are only a few treadmills left with TVs and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of traction behind these treadmills going forward. So our guess is that they may not be around for long – especially in this economy.

And while there are a few Bladez treadmill reviews from users (which you can read here), there still aren’t that many – also not a good sign.


How To Save:

You can find a few Bladez treadmills online here. The prices are quite good and there always seems to be a sale going on. Plus you can also get Free Shipping on some models.

Other alternatives to Bladez treadmills would be Smooth (they also have a model with a built-in TV) or Nordic Track (they have treadmills with built-in web browsers.)


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bladez treadmll



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