3 Top Desk Treadmill Options – Video

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3 Popular Desk Treadmills For Your Home Or Office


Desk Treadmill

Thinking about a desk treadmill? A treadmill with built-in desktop is a great way to walk while you work.

Some options let you  use the treadmill as a regular treadmill (so you can workout) whereas others are strictly to use as a workstation (no running allowed!).

Here’s our latest video on 3 of your best options – each one is a bit different and has various benefits and drawbacks (Click the links below the video for further reviews on each of these treadmills):



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Just remember that when choosing a treadmill with desk option, you have to know whether you want to run on it like a regular treadmill or use it strictly as a walking workstation – the Lifespan option is only good for a walking workstation for example. The speed limit is capped on this machine.

The Nordictrack and Proform options let you use the desk option – or run on it like a regular treadmill. Also ask what kind of extra features you want.

For example, many desk treadmills do not give you features like incline – which is a stable on a regular treadmill and can help you burn more calories. The Nordictrack and Proform options have incline – the Lifespan does not.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when buying your desk treadmill. Good luck!


nordictrack desk treadmill
Nordictrack Desk Treadmill