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Welcome to HomeTreadmillReviews.net – a review, information and opinion-based site covering the home treadmill market.

This site aims to offer information, comparisons and personal opinions about popular treadmill models and brands for free to visitors. Hopefully you will find this information helpful in your search for the right treadmill.


Mission Statement:

Our mission with this website is to help you get a fair and balanced view of different treadmills on the market. This includes covering the pros and cons of each model and pointing out facts you should know before you buy (i.e. extra costs, red flags, etc.)

There is no one “Best Treadmill” as everyone has different needs. But there are several treadmills that are better than others – for you. We try to present each treadmill keeping in mind that everyone has different preferences and limitations (budget, home gym space, hatred of exercising, etc.)

The fitness equipment market is changing every day. There are always new models coming onto the market – which makes older models obsolete or just not the best choices anymore.

The advantage we give you is that we stay on top of what’s happening and give you the latest information. So when you go to buy, you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re making the best choice for you.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to ask a question or leave your own review, please visit our Contact Us page.

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