Best 3 Treadmills with iFit LIVE

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3 Best iFit LIVE Treadmills For This Year


best iFit LIVE treadmillsiFit LIVE is a very cool new technology that is changing the game for treadmills. Basically iFit connects your treadmill to the internet and from there, the world is your oyster.

You can:

>> Run pre-planned routes all over the world using Googlemaps to show you the terrain and landscape

>> Map out new trails to run using Googlemaps

ifit live treadmill built in>> Track your fitness and nutrition online, set new goals and push yourself further than before.

>> Download new workouts from Jillian Michaels where she coaches you through your workout.

>> Watch HD Video workouts – enjoy a Hawaii island run or explore the red rocks in Arizona.

And more.

Basically iFit turns your boring old treadmill into your own personal trainer and health coach.

But with so many iFit LIVE treadmills, which are the best ones? Which one gives you the best value for the money?

After all, iFit is nice – but you still want a well-built, high grade treadmill right?

With that in mind, here are my picks for the top 3 Best iFit LIVE treadmills:


Best iFit LIVE Treadmills:


Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer


nordictrack x9i incline trainerThis baby lets you walk at inclines of up to 40% (and declines of up to 6%). You can actually burn 5 TIMES the calories on this thing than you would on a regular treadmill.

But you can also use it as a regular treadmill without the incline as well – think of it as a “high-incline” upgrade on your normal treadmill.

Plus it’s got a 10 inch, full color web browser in the console. So you can surf the net with a swipe of your fingers.

It also has an extra-long 62 inch belt which makes it a dream for runners who want to stretch out.

The iFit LIVE comes built-in with this treadmill – so you don’t have to pay extra for the iFit LIVE module (which will save you around $99).

Click here to learn more about the X9 Incline Trainer with iFit LIVE



best ifit live treadmill #2 Proform Performance 1495 Treadmill


This iFit LIVE treadmill is a hidden gem. Why?

Because it gives you an extra large 10″ console with built-in web browser for under $1500 (it is currently the largest console for under $1500 – see the full review here)

best ifit live treadmillIt also gives you an extra long 60″ belt and tough 3.0 HP motor. This treadmill also comes with iFit LIVE built-in so you don’t have to buy the module.

Click here to learn more about the Proform 1495





#3 Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill


nordic Track 1750 treadmill - 2013This also comes with iFit LIVE built in – and a full color web browser for under $1500. Unlike the Proform 1450 above, the screen is a bit smaller at 7″ across.

However you do get a few other upgrades including a built-in stand for your iPad so you can work or watch videos from your iPad (set up at eye level for less neck strain).

It also comes with a prime runners flex cushioning system. This system reduces impact on your joints by 30%.

nordic track 1750 treadmill console 2013PLUS if you want more of a “road” feel – you can actually turn the cushioning system off and get a more firm deck feel. Very cool.

The Commercial 1750 also comes with a 3% decline and 15% incline (the Proform 1450 has no decline option).

So it’s not hard to see why this treadmill keeps earning “Best Buy” awards year after year.

Click here for more on the Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill with iFit



So those are the best iFit LIVE treadmills for this year. Want more “Best Buy” treadmill? Check out the Best Treadmills page for the latest reviews.