Nordic Track Commercial 2450 TV Treadmill

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 Best Treadmill With TV This Year?


Nordic Track Commercial 2450

Price:$1999 Nordic track 2450 treadmill
Motor: 4.2 HP
Belt Size: 20 x 60"
Max Incline: 15%
Folding: No
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
This luxury runners treadmill comes with all the upgrades - like a built in 10" web browser and a 15" HD TV. You also get a 3% decline and iFit LIVE built-in. The 2 built-in HD Video Workouts let you run famous world trails as the treadmill inclines and declines to match the terrain. A++


nordic track 2450 treadmill with tv console


Nordic Track 2450 Treadmill with TV Review – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:


The Good:

A lot of people ask me about treadmills with TVs. While they used to be more popular, nowadays, it’s harder to find a treadmill with a built-in TV.

That’s why I’m excited about Nordic Track’s new commercial 2450 model with built in TV and internet browser. Yes, that’s a treadmill with TV and internet folks.

Basically the 2450 is a luxury, over the top model that has it all – Nordictrack threw everything at this treadmill but the kitchen sink. Here’s a rundown of my favorite parts:



15″ Eye-Level, HD TV – The TV is at eye level, which means you’re not looking down, and straining your neck as you watch. Plus it’s one of the largest TV’s you can find at a full 15″.

It comes cable ready and because it’s not part of the console, this reduces shaking of the TV when you’re running. You can easily change the channels and the volume level from your console controls.


10″ Full Color Web browser – This is the largest web browser Nordic Track makes. You can view your stats – or go online and surf the net, check emails, watch Youtube videos and more. Or you can use it with iFit LIVE and Google streetview to map out and run trails all over the world.


RunnersFlex Cushioning – This cushioning can absorb the impact on your joints and can reduce impact by up to 30% vs running on asphalt. It’s also adjustable so you can get a firmer surface if you want.


iFit Live – You can run trails all over the world with iFit LIVE, download new workouts from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels and more.


3% Decline – The treadmill matches the terrain of the world trails using iFit LIVE and Googlemaps. So when the trail dips, your treadmill declines and when the trail inclines, your treadmill inclines to match the actual terrain. Very virtual reality.


nordic track c1750 decline


Wireless Chest Strap included – A lot of people find that a wireless chest strap is a more accurate way to measure your heart rate while working out. So this is a nice addition with the 2450 treadmill.

So those are my favorite perks of this treadmill. Of course the monster motor, great warranty and ability to fold up are also handy features as well.

Are there any downsides?


The Bad:

I admit, it’s hard to find a downside with this treadmill. However you should be aware that  in order to use the iFit, you need to purchase an iFit membership separately.

As of this writing a 1-year membership is $99 and a 2 year is $149. That isn’t bad considering all the stuff you get – goal tracking, free workouts from Jillian Michaels, racing against others in the iFit community, etc. However, as a buyer, you should be aware of the extra cost, in my opinion.

Now you don’t have to buy the iFit membership at all if you don’t want to. You can still use the treadmill and it’s non-iFit benefits quite well without it (web browser, TV,  the decline, the built-in workouts etc.)

Then if you want to add in iFit later, you can. Completely up to you.


nordic track 2450 tablet



Final Verdict? Best Treadmill with TV on the market

I really like the Nordic Track 2450 (obviously). I think it’s the best TV treadmill currently on the market.

Nordic track has another TV treadmill that is more expensive. But as the price goes up, so do my expectations. And I just don’t see the extra value in that treadmill – so that leaves the Nordic track 2450 treadmill as a better value, in my opinion.

This is a fairly new treadmill, so you may have to hunt around to find it. However you can buy it direct here and get Free Shipping into the bargain.

Click Here to Today’s Prices on the Nordic Track 2450 treadmill


Nordic track 2450 treadmill