Budget Buying Guide for Treadmills

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What Should You Look For In The Best Budget Treadmills?


budge treadmill buyerLooking for a budget treadmill? With the economy the way it is, more and more people are looking to save on their home treadmills

You don’t have to spend $2000+ to get a good treadmill.

However you should also know that you get a mixed bag – especially as you go down in price.

For example, you can still get a very solid treadmill for under $1000. However under $800, it’s a lot tougher. And under $500, you’re basically looking at a machine that probably won’t last you more than 2 years.

proform-400-treadmill One way to get a high quality budget treadmill for less is to do without the extra “bells and whistles” (and add your own in the form of your own iPod, TV in front of the treadmill, etc.)

To borrow an analogy from the housing market, focus on finding a treadmill with “good bones”. What does that mean? Here are a few things to focus on, that make “good bones”:


#1 Motor

The motor is the heart of your treadmill – and can also be the most expensive part to fix.

Look for at least a 2.0 HP motor or above – the higher the better. Remember that a 1.5 HP motor has to work twice as hard as a 3.0 HP motor – so it will burn out much faster.


#2 Decent Belt Size

budget treadmill beltIf you’re taller you want as long a belt as you can get from 55” or above (preferably at least 60” long). This can be hard to find under a certain price point, but if you search you may find a few budget treadmills offering this.


#3 Good Warranty

This protects your investment and can also tell you about the quality of your treadmill. Stay away from 90 day warranties if you can – a big red flag.


#4 Incline

Building in incline can really help you blast calories and challenge your body. Most starter treadmills come with a standard 10% incline. But you may be able to get up to 12 or even 15%.


#5 Extras

These are things like heart rate monitors, built-in workouts or any other fitness toys you would like.

While budget treadmills tend to be a bit bare bones in this area, you may be able to find models with a few entertainment options that you like.

nordic track C700 TreadmillWant a few recommendations for budget treadmills? Well, you can always visit the Under $800 treadmill reviews page which has the latest reviews of models under $800.

Nordictrack 700 Treadmill

I personally like the Nordictrack C700 (about $799) or the Proform 400C (around $599). But that’s just my personal preference.

Whatever you decide, take your time and enjoy shopping for a great budget treadmill deal!