The Changing Face of Home Treadmills

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Advice on Buying A Treadmill in 2014-2015


buying a treadmillIf you’re buying a treadmill today, it’s just plain confusing. There are so many models coming out each year, new brands – and a lot of stores selling models from 3 years ago.

What do you do? Where do you go?

Having watched this market for years now, it’s shocking to me how fast things have changed – but also how muddled things are getting now, especially if you’re a buyer.



For example, I was in a certain large well known store yesterday (which shall remain nameless) checking out the treadmills. They had about 15 different models on the floor (which is a lot of options for a buyer and can be overwhelming in itself).

But here’s the thing – about 12 of them were models from last year – or even 2012! Most buyers don’t know this. So they’re shopping for a treadmill among older models that don’t give them as much (since newer models generally tend to be improved each year or two).

Here’s the second thing – these treadmills were layered in dust and half of them still had the plastic wrapper on the console or around the deck. That’s inviting.

buying a treadmill - sad buyer

Then finally let’s talk about service. After hunting around for 10 minutes trying to find someone to help me – I was then told that they had not “run the electric panel” into the treadmill area yet. So there was no way to turn ANY of the treadmills on to walk on them. OK.

Not surprisingly, this particular chain of stores is having some major public financial troubles and will probably be out of business in the next year or two.

Still – from a buyer’s perspective it’s disheartening. You want to find a decent well-made treadmill that will last you at least 5 years if not more (mine is going on year 9 without a single issue – so it’s very possible).

Bottom Line? When you’re buying a treadmill, don’t let the changing face of the home fitness market get you down. Just know 3 things:

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Treadmill


Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer#1 There are new models every year

Go with this years model or next years if you can, to make sure you get the best bang for your buck (and the latest technology).


#2 Don’t get bogged down in reviews

People like to complain. And even the most popular treadmills get complaints. Don’t let that bother you. Instead, go for a general consensus.

If the general consensus on a treadmill is good and you’ve gone with a brand you like, then you’re probably on the right track.


#3 Trust your gut

I love Tripadvisor, but I’ve chosen hotels based on their reviews that were absolute nightmares. Why?

Not because the hotels were bad – but because they didn’t suit what I was looking for personally.

I like certain things (peace and quiet, luxury, a good workout room, etc.) Whereas what appeals to other people leaving reviews are other features (like a kid-friendly atmosphere, a large pool, cheap drinks). So choosing a hotel based on what other people like guarantees me a poor travel experience.

The same is true for treadmills. It doesn’t matter if other people really like a TV treadmill – if you already have a TV, why do you need one on your treadmill?

If you don’t like working while you walk, why do you really need a treadmill with built-in desk?

In the end, choose a treadmill YOU like that gets you excited about using it because it fits YOUR needs. That’s the best way to get through the harrowing experience of buying a treadmill.

And once it’s done you’ll have a great machine you can enjoy for years to come – and a great investment in your long term health!


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