Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Treadmill

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used treadmill buyingThe trend these days is buying a used treadmill. Second hand treadmills are all over classified sites like Craigslist of Kijijii.

So a lot of people are selling and buying second hand treadmills.

However take it from someone who knows – it’s a bad idea.

While buying a used model may seem like a good idea ( you can get a great price) , there are a few things most buyers don’t know.

First of all, no manufacturer these days will cover the warranty on a second buyer. So even if the seller tells you it has a lifetime motor warranty for example – that does NOT apply to you!

So if it breaks the moment you get it home, you’re forking out the cash to fix it my friend.

Second of all, if you’re buying used, this means you’re buying an older model. And older models are not as well made as newer models. So even if the treadmill you’re buying had a former ‘best buy’ award from some so-called expert, it doesn’t mean it’s a good value for the money today.

Even if you get a discount price, you may still be getting less for the money than you could get if you spent around the same amount and bought a newer model.

used treadmillLastly, you have no way of knowing what has been done to the treadmill. For example, has someone spilled sticky pop all over the console?

Has the belt been proberly lubricated or does it need adjusting? Is the console acting up or are there problems with the electronics?

You really have no way of knowing exactly what that treadmill has been through – so you could very well be buying a machine that’s on it’s last legs.

The bottom line is that you may be able to save some money buying a used treadmill – but you may also find yourself spending a lot more to fix it (not to mention the hassle!)

You can easily find some great budget treadmills that are brand new with full warranties these days – so before you buy used, you may want to consider these options first!