Top 3 Fat Burning Workout Tips

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fat burning workout tipsLet’s face it – most people today buy a treadmill (or any other kind of fitness equipment) to lose weight and burn fat.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d ask my personal trainer about his top fat burning workout tips you can do with you treadmill. Here are his top 3:


#1 Build In Intervals

Forget doing the same movement over and over again – that’s so yesterday. And it doesn’t do much for your metabolism.

But building in high intensity intervals will help stoke that metabolism and keep it burning on high for hours after you workout.

You can build in high intensity intervals on your treadmill by playing with speed or incline settings or both. You can up the speed, up the incline or both at the same time – as long as you’re working harder than usual and get slightly out of breath (you should not be gasping for air however!).

You can also use handweights to build in some weight lifting intervals as you walk.


#2 Exercise In the Morning

This is a big one that was also advised by fitness expert and bodybuilder Tom Venuto in his Burn the Fat Book. It’s one that all the professional fitness models know – exercise in the morning on an empty stomach for best fat burning results.

Not only do you rev your metabolism for the rest of the day – but your body will access fat stores faster on an empty stomach, since you’ve used most of your glycogen reserves up overnight. For more on this fat burning workout tip, read this post.


#3 Build In Weight Building Exercises

Building muscle won’t burn calories right away – but post workout it’s a guaranteed fat burner. How can you do this on a treadmill?

There are a few ways. First of all you can buy some handweights and use them as you walk. You can also slow your treadmill down and do walking lunges at the slowest speed like 0.5 MPH


So those are 3 of the best fat burning workout tips you can use when working out with your treadmill. If you have any more, feel free to leave them below for others. Enjoy and good luck!