The #1 Fear When Buying A Treadmill

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buying a treadmillBuying a treadmill? The #1 fear when people buy a treadmill is that something will go wrong with it.

Maybe there will be a part missing – or the console won’t work.

If you do get it together, maybe it will make some terrible squealing noise when to try the incline.

Or maybe the belt won’t line up properly. Or you’ll find screws that you didn’t put into the machine – what are they for anyway?

These are all worries that people have when purchasing a treadmill – especially if it’s your first one.

But relax – chances are very high that nothing like this will happen to you!


Something Strange Going On…

There’s a strange thing happening with treadmill buyers these days. I’ve noticed a shift happening over the 8 years that I’ve been reviewing treadmills.

Buyers are getting more and more afraid of making a mistake and getting the ‘wrong’ treadmill.

This is actually ironic – because treadmills are actually getting better and better every year.

If you do even 5 minutes worth of research these days, the truth is that it would be very hard NOT to find at least 5 great treadmills that would be right for your home.


So what’s going on? Why are buyers so nervous?

buying a treadmill onlineYou could speculate about the economy and the online buying process etc. But I believe it’s not that at all. I think this nervousness is due to the rise of online customer reviews.

You can read treadmill reviews on pretty much any site nowadays (including this one) and even the sellers’ websites. So people are getting lost in these reviews.

And if there’s even a whiff of somebody having a bad experience, people get nervous. But there’s the thing: people are more likely to complain about a bad experience than they are to write about a good experience.

So you can get skewed results that are not accurate. So for example, if you have a treadmill that’s sold 2000 units through the entire year and there are 2 bad customer experiences – that’s a 0.1% dissatisfaction rate – which is actually pretty good.

Put another way that means there are about 1998 customers who probably had a great experience with their treadmill (or at least no major problems they felt they had to write about).

So if you’re reading reviews, don’t let a few negative ones throw you. Keep in mind that for the most part, most people order their treadmill, receive it, unpack it, set it up and g0 – without a single problem.

And if something should go wrong, if you order from a good name (I personally prefer Nordic Track, Smooth or even Sole), they have a good track record of taking care of their customers. They will help you fix the problem should something come up. They certainly don’t want your negative review of their product out there after all!

So if you go with a good name, you will have good customer support should you have questions or should something go wrong.

What’s the bottom line? While there are definitely things that do go wrong with treadmill orders – the majority of buyers never have a thing go wrong with their treadmills.

And you have better options to choose from than ever before. So really, there’s no need for fear – there’s actually never been a better time to buy.

If you research your options, you’re almost guaranteed to find a great treadmill for your home! If you need some tips on good ‘Value’ buys, you can find a list of the latest treadmill ‘Best Buys’ at our Best Treadmill page here.