Want a Free Proform Treadmill? Proform Introduces Proform Plus for the Holiday Season

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Have you ever wanted to get a quality home treadmill for Free?

Well, now you can!

Proform has just introduced their Proform+ special for the holiday season!


Get a FREE Proform Treadmill with Proform Plus!


What is Proform Plus?

Basically this is a special offer where you can get a Proform treadmill – the Proform Pro 2000 as of this writing – for free when you commit to getting an iFit Coach monthly membership for 3 years. (The iFit Coach streaming membership is about $39 a month)

You can also get this deal on a Proform elliptical, HIIT trainer or bike.

So if you were going to get an iFit Coach monthly membership anyways – this is a fantastic way to get a free treadmill (or elliptical or bike or HIIT trainer) out of the deal.


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free proform treadmill proform plus


What is iFit Coach?

Basically iFit Coach is a streaming monthly membership service that connects your treadmill (or other equipment) to the internet.

From there you can do all sorts of fun things to get a more challenging and fun workout.


Proform 2000 with iFit

You can stream studio fitness classes to your treadmill. Take a new treadmill fitness class every day.

The instructor leads you through the class and can even control the treadmill speed and incline for you if you want.

You can also run trails all over the world – from the Swiss Alps to the Great Wall of China to the streets of Paris.

You’ll see the landmarks pass you by in the console screen as you run. You can also run with a coach who leads you through the workout, pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.


proform 2000 treadmill review
Proform 2000 Treadmill


There are literally thousands of different world trails to explore (the last count was over 12,000 – and they’re always adding more).

You can also map out your own trail to walk (for example, if you want to walk through an old neighbourhood). Or use iFit to track your workouts over time, see how far you’ve come and set new goals.

Here’s a brief video showing you some of the iFit Coach workouts:





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So as you can see, iFit is pretty cool.

Another thing most people don’t realize about iFit is that one membership covers up to 4 different people in your home. So you don’t need a different membership for every new person in your home.



And you can use the iFit membership across fitness equipment – across your treadmill, elliptical or bike.

Want to learn more about this deal? Check out the link below:


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