3 Ideas For Fun Treadmill Workouts

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Workout Longer and LOVE Your Workout!


fun treadmill workoutsLooking for more fun treadmill workouts? Working out on  your treadmill doesn’t have to be a chore – or boring. It can actually be a lot of fun.

With that in mind, here are 3 ideas to add some fun and enjoyment to your treadmill workouts. Use these ideas and you’ll probably find that not only will you enjoy your workouts more – but you’ll probably burn more calories as well since you’ll find yourself working out for longer time periods.



#1 Watch TV


This is one of the best ways to enjoy your workout time – by taking your mind off it. Watch your favorite shows or movies. You don’t even have to walk really fast – doing a nice leisurely walk while watching your favorite hour-long show will still help burn calories.

Don’t have a TV to set up in front of your treadmill? Then you may want to consider a treadmill with TV build-in like the Smooth 9.65TV treadmill. It comes with a large 10″ full color TV built into the console. The TV is cable ready and even lets you hook up your DVD player so you can play your favorite movies while you walk.


#2 Surf the Net


One of the best additions to treadmills this year was when Nordic Track added a built-in, full-color, Web Browser to some of their treadmills like the Commercial 1750 and the Commercial 2150.

It uses the wireless in your home to hook your treadmill up to the Internet. From there you can surf the net, read your emails and even watch YouTube videos. It’s very cool and you can surf with the swipe of a button as you walk.

This is a very addictive way to completely lose yourself as you walk – catching up on the latest business news or researching a good recipe for Sunday dinner online.



#3 Use Personal Trainer Workouts


If you really want to focus on your workout without being distracted, then you have a lot of options. You can buy personal trainer DVD ‘walking’ workouts by trainers like Leslie Sansone.

A lot of treadmill like the Proform 1450 for instance also have built-in personal trainer programs that go beyond your standard ‘built-in’ workouts. For example, you can download new workouts from the Internet and get personal trainer Jillian Michaels coaching you through your workout as you walk.

You can get download new, more challenging workouts over time using the iFit LIVE feature on the treadmill as well. These programs also track your activity over time. So you get to see just how far you’ve come and improved. That’s not only enjoyable – but it’s inspiring too!


So those are 3 ideas for fun treadmill workouts. Here’s one more I use quite a lot: If I don’t want to watch TV, I just take my iTouch with me and use the Netflix app to watch movies on my iTouch while walking. Sure, it’s a bit small, but it does make my workouts fly by!


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