How To Buy A Used Treadmill – And Not Waste Your Money

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used treadmillLooking to buy a used treadmill? Want to avoid retail prices and save some cash?

Totally understandable.

Personally however, I’m not a fan of buying secondhand because of 2 reasons. You should be aware of this before you buy (as most second-hand buyers are not):


#1 No Warranty Protection

As a second buyer you have absolutely no warranty protection. Most buyers don’t know this.

unhappy-womanSo when the seller tells them “Don’t worry, it’s still under warranty”, they fall for it.

But try calling the manufacturer and asking for a repair. No go my friend.

So technically you could have a problem with your treadmill the day after buying it – and then have to pay a pricey repair bill to fix it.

This eats into any cost that you saved by buying used in the first place.



#2 You Could be Getting a Sub-Par Model

Treadmill manufacturers (most of the good ones anyway) update their models every year with stronger motors, the latest technology, better cushioning etc.

So if you buy a treadmill that’s 3 – 4 years old, you’re getting a very outdated model.

So keep these things in mind if this is what you want to do. If you still want to buy a used treadmill, here are 3 tips to get the best deals – so you don’t waste your money:


#1 Buy a Good Brand Name

A solid brand name (no, not Weslo) will hopefully mitigate some of the risk here. Good brands include Nordictrack, Sole, LifeFitness, Lifespan, Precor, etc.

Even a high-end Proform (like their Pro models) might still be ok as they’ve gotten a lot better over the past few years.


Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill
Proform 2000 Pro Treadmill


#2 Compare the Stats Against Current New Models

If you find a treadmill you like you should still compare the stats (motor power, belt size, cushioning, console options, etc) against what is currently on the market (new).

This will give you a good idea if you’re REALLY getting good value for your money.


#3 Read Reviews

how to buy a used treadmill - read reviewsIt might be challenging to find reviews on old models that are no longer manufactured.

But if you can manage to find reviews, it will give you an idea of how the treadmills really hold up with buyers.

One thing I would recommend if you want to buy a used treadmill is to go through the Amazon used treadmill store.

You then at least have the protection of the Amazon platform (ie should something break in shipping, etc.) – and you can read user reviews.

If you decide to buy new but you’re on a budget, you can check out our budget treadmill reviews here.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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