iFit Treadmills Explained in Simple Terms

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  iFit  Treadmill Review


iFit treadmill reviewLooking for an iFit treadmill review? A lot of people these days are looking for treadmills with iFit.

Popular brands like Nordic Track, Proform and Freemotion install iFit technology on almost all of their treadmills.

What exactly is iFit? How does it work? And what can it do for you?

And why are there so many different ‘versions’ of iFit on various treadmills? It can be confusing!

Not to worry – this post will tell you what you need to know.



Some Background on iFit Treadmills:


iFit was a workout technology introduced by ICON Health and Fitness a few years back into their more popular brand treadmills like Nordic Track, Proform, Freemotion and Reebok.

iFit comes in 2 different forms – iFit card readers built into the treadmill console (this form of iFit is only found on very old models) and iFit LIVE where you can connect your treadmill to the Internet using the WiFi in your home. You’ll find iFit in these 2 forms on various ICON treadmills today.



How It Works – iFit Treadmill Cards:


ifit card readeriFit workout cards offer 8 weeks of personal trainer designed workouts (per card).

Each card has a specific goal like weight loss, aerobic fitness improvement, etc.

You insert the card directly into the treadmill’s console and the program will automatically adjust your speed and incline to fit the workout’s goals.

The voice of a personal trainer talks to you through the speakers, guiding you through the workout.

So when you go to workout you just slip the iFit card into the treadmill console. The treadmill remembers where you left off and stars the next iFit treadmill workout.

Note however that most ICON brands will eventually be phasing out this feature and replacing it with iFit LIVE on their new models.

iFit cards are being relegated to the junk bin and you’ll now usually only find this option on much older treadmill models (some Golds Gym and Reebok models). Eventually it may be almost impossible to find iFit cards.



How It Works – iFit LIVE:


iFit LIVE gives you even more tools than the cards. iFit Live is the newest workout WiFi technology the ICON is adding mainly to their Nordic Track and Proform models.

If you have wireless Internet in your home you can connect your treadmill to the Internet. It’s powered by Googlemaps and Google terrain so that you can run or walk different trails all over the world.


treadmill console with iFit


You can customize and download your own workout programs and workout with Jillian Michaels from ‘The Biggest Loser’ – where she coaches you through your workout.


nordic track with iFit


You can also race against your Facebook friends, track your activity and nutrition online and even download new daily workouts.

Not all Nordic Track or Proform treadmills currently have this option – it’s mainly the newer models that are now iFit LIVE compatible.


nordic track 990 treadmill with ifit LIVE




Now: iFit LIVE Built-in


While you used to have to purchase an iFit module to add to your treadmill, some of the latest Nordic Track treadmills like the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 or the Proform Pro 7500 are now coming with iFit LIVE built-in, which doesn’t require you to buy a module.


nordictrack 1750 treadmill with iFit LIVE


Basically, all you do is connect it to your wireless internet and go – very simple and easy. Eventually ICON will probably phase out the modules completely because buyers (obviously) don’t like having to purchase something extra.



How To Find iFit Treadmills:


You can visit any of the brands below to see the latest models with iFit, compare prices and ratings.



Note that I don’t usually recommend the lower end ICON brands if you want an iFit treadmill (like Weslo, Reebok and Golds Gym). This is mainly because these treadmills tend to come with the outdated cards or need the added iFit module – which is being phased out.