Lifespan 2000 Treadmill Review

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Pros and Cons of the Lifespan TR2000e Electronic Folding Treadmill


Lifespan 2000 treadmill review
Lifespan 2000 Treadmill

Lifespan hasn’t updated their treadmills in a few years – so it’s great to see that they’re back in full force with the new 2015 Lifespan 2000e Treadmill.

Lifespan is known for coming out with completely unique features you don’t usually find on other brands – and the TR2000 treadmill does not disappoint.

You get electronic folding with this treadmill – just push a button and the treadmill folds itself.

Plus it also comes with the safety-step sensor in the belt and a free membership to the Lifespan online Fitness club (for a year).

Is the new Lifespan 2000 treadmill right for you? Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics:

Price: $1299 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.5 HP

Speed: 0.5 – 11 MPH

Incline: 0 – 15%

Belt Size: 20 x 56″

Workout Programs: 17

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, 5 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor

lifespan tr2000 treadmill console


Lifespan TR2000 Treadmill Review – the Pros:


Electronic Folding

lifespan 2000e treadmill foldingThis is something Lifespan is putting on a few of their new treadmills – electronic folding.

No hydraulic lift assist here (where you still have to lift the treadmill). You just push a button on the console and the treadmill folds itself. No lifting required.


Backlit Console

While fairly simple, the console on this treadmill is backlit and easy to read showing a constant display of your incline and speed.

You can also watch your workout progress including steps taken, distance traveled, time of day, calories burned, and heart rate.

TR2000 Lifespan Fitness Treadmill Console


Safety Stop Sensor in the Belt

This treadmill comes with Lifespan’s famous Intelli-Guard feature. There is a sensor in the belt that senses when you are no longer on the treadmill deck. It will pause the belt automatically after 20 seconds.


4 Wheels On the Bottom For Easy Movement

This may seem like a small thing – but if you move your treadmill around a lot this is actually quite a smart feature.

Most folding treadmills only come with 2 wheels on the bottom. So you still have to tilt the treadmill onto your shoulders when you move it – which can be heavy.




But the TR2000 treadmill comes with 4 wheels on the bottom – so you don’t have to tilt the treadmill at all to move it around – much easier.


USB Port and Online Tracking

There are actually 3 ways to track your progress with this treadmill. You can use a USB drive to transfer data to your computer, wirelessly connect with Bluetooth to the Train & Track iPad app, or use the Active Trac Android app.

Note however that if you’re using Bluetooth you need to buy the LifeSpan Bluetooth adapter separately.


lifespan 2000 treadmill review club


Free Online Membership to Lifespan Fitness Club

You get a free 1 year membership to the online Lifespan Fitness club with this treadmill. You can go online and sync your workout progress using one of the 3 methods abovel And from there you can track your workouts over time, set new goals and even download new workouts to your treadmill.


Easy To Reach Controls Near the Hand Grip Sensors

lifespan 2000 treadmillThis is a pretty cool upgrade as well.

Lifespan has placed incline and speed control buttons right next to the hand grip sensors.

So you can make changes while still holding on to the hand grip sensors to get a heart rate reading.



Lifespan 2000 Treadmill Review – The Cons:


Fitness Club Membership Required After 1 Year

While you do get the free 1 year Fitness Club Membership – you will have to pay a yearly fee after the first year. And compared to Nordictrack’s iFit LIVE (which you also have to pay for), you don’t get as many options.


Average Belt and Motor

While the Belt and Motor are ok on this treadmill, compared to some other brands at this price point (like the Nordictrack 1630) they fall a bit short. For example the Nordictrack 1630 gives you a 3.25 HP motor and long 60 inch belt, whereas the Lifespan 2000 gives you a 2.5 HP motor and a 56 inch long belt.


lifespan 2000e Treadmill

Bottom Line?

If you like the Lifespan name and want a decent walking/occasional jogging treadmill the Lifespan 2000 is worth considering.

Although it lacks some of the higher end construction and frills of Lifespans more expensive models, it’s still sturdy and solid with a great backlit console and lots of built-in workouts.

Plus you get the electronic folding feature and extra moving wheels to save the strain on your back.


Where To Buy and Save

While it’s fairly new to the market, you can get the Lifespan 2000 treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping when you use the link below.

Click Here to Save on the Lifespan 2000E Treadmill.


lifespan 2000 electronic folding treadmill
Lifespan TR2000 Treadmill