Lifespan TR3000i Treadmill – Worth Your Money?

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Lifespan TR3000i Treadmill Review


lifespan tr3000i treadmill
Lifespan 3000 Treadmill

The Lifespan 3000 treadmill steps up from the 1200 model with a stronger motor, longer warranty and more advanced console. You get the USB port in the console that you can use to track your workout stats.

You also get wireless heart rate monitoring and Lifespan’s popular step-counting and safety stop feature.

So is the Lifespan TR3000 right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:


The Basics:

Price: $1699 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.75 HP

Incline: 15%

Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH

Belt: 20 x 56″

Footprint: 70.25″ L x 33″ W x 55″ H

Built-In Workouts: 17

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck Warranty, 5-Year Parts & 1-Year Labor Warranty



lifespan tr3000 console



Lifespan TR3000i Review – Benefits:

While Lifespan isn’t as well know as some other major brands, they do make a good treadmill – and I think they’re one of the hidden gems in the treadmill world.

The TR3000 treadmill actually takes home a Reader’s Choice award from a few years ago. Here are a few reasons why:


The Lifespan TR3000 treadmill steps up from the TR1200 with a stronger motor, slightly longer deck and more fun features like an iPod dock with console sound system.

The soft-touch keys flash blue in the proper sequence to help you start your workout quickly.

There are also 15 levels of incline to give you a workout challenge.

The TR3000 also comes with a USB port and free 1 year access to the online Lifespan Fitness Club. The way it works is that you plug the USB into your treadmill and it tracks your fitness results.

Then you upload these results to their online website to track your fitness results, set new goals, design new workouts and more. This is a great way to reach your fitness goals and get motivated by seeing how far you’ve come.

You can also download new workouts to your treadmill from the fitness club online – to give yourself some new challenges.

lifespan tr3000 treadmill deckAnother thing people like about the Lifespan TR3000 treadmill is the Intelli-Step feature. The treadmill senses and counts your steps for you. You can then see the number of steps you’ve taken in the console window.

You can even set a goal of how many steps you want and the treadmill will display how far you are to your goal.

A unique safety benefit of this treadmill is Intelli-guard. This automatically senses when you’ve stepped off the treadmill and stops the machine.

This isn’t as fast as the safety-stop key – but if you have little ones around, it’s a great feature to have.


So those are some benefits – are there any drawbacks?

There are a few little things to be aware of with this treadmill. The belt, at 56″ should be fine for most users. However at this price point, you’d expect a longer belt and more running room.

Also, the console readout window is pretty simple. It’s backlit, which is good, however compared to other brands like Nordic track which gives you full color consoles and even web browsers at the same price point, it falls down a bit.


lifespan tr3000i treadmill console


Also be aware that you do not get a USB drive included with this treadmill. Lifespan used to include but now they do not – so you’ll have to buy your own separately. And the Lifespan Fitness club online is free for a year (as of this writing). But afterwards, it’s about $60 a year.


Bottom Line?

While the Lifespan 3000 treadmill does have a good design and impressive features, it does fall down a bit in terms of value. Lifespan has raised the price on it and compared to what you get with other brands like Nordictrack or Smooth, it just doesn’t give you as much (shorter belt, weaker motor, simpler console).

Still if you like the Lifespan name and just want a solid runners treadmill, you may be just fine with the TR3000i model.


How To Save:

While these treadmills can be hard to find at the store, you can buy them direct online and get Free Shipping. Lifespan even occasionally offers Free in-home delivery, which will save you an extra $49.


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lifespan tr3000 treadmill
Lifespan 3000 treadmill