Lifespan TR5500i Treadmill Review – A Good Buy For You?

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lifespan 5500i treadmill reviewThe Lifespan TR5500i treadmill is Lifespans premium runners treadmill with all the bells the whistles.

You get the added construction quality that a runner needs like a strong 4.0 HP motor, all-steel frame and extra long belt.

Plus the console is designed to impress. It’s a full color, touch-screen with 3 different dashboard views.

And for fun – you can also connect to your device and play your Youtube videos on the larger screen as you run.

So is the Lifespan 5500i treadmill right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:


Treadmill Specs:

Price $2399 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 4.0 HP

Incline: 0 – 12 Levels

Speed: 0.5 – 13.5 MPH

Folding? Yes

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Step-Up Height: 9 Inches


Lifespan TR5500i Treadmill Console



Lifespan TR5500i Treadmill Review – The Pros:


Full-Color Touchscreen Console

The console is one of the best consoles we’ve seen in a home treadmill.

It’s well laid out with a lot of space. The console screen is full-color and touch-screen.

Plus at 10 inches across, it’s larger than Lifespan’s other models (which are usually around 7 inches). This makes it easier to read your workout stats as you run.



Another nice touch?

You can choose from 3 different dashboard views: graph view, guage view and track view. 

There’s a shelf to hold your device like a phone or tablet in front of the main console screen. Plus you can also connect your device and even play Youtube videos on the larger console screen from your phone.

This alone is something you don’t usually find on a treadmill (and it’s free – no subscription required). So a lot of runners will love this feature.




Incline and Decline

You get up to 12 levels of incline and even 2 levels of decline on this treadmill. This is great to add extra high-intensity intervals or even some downhill crosstraining walks!



Built With The Runner in Mind

The Lifespan 5500i treadmill was built with the runner in mind. You get a super-touch 4.0 HP motor along with extra large 2 and 2.5 inch rollers (larger rollers reduce the friction on the belt and help your treadmill last longer).

You also get an extra large 60 inch running belt with the all-steel frame to stand up to heavier use.


lifespan 5500i Treadmill Review


Count Your Steps with Intelli-Step

Counting your steps? Let the treadmill do it for you!

The Lifespan 5500 treadmill carries Intelli-Step which automatically keeps track of the steps you take on your treadmill. This is another handy feature that seems to be completely unique to Lifespan treadmill.



Built-in Bluetooth

Use the Bluetooth to connect your phone to the treadmill wirelessly and play your favorite workout music through the built-in console speakers.





Design Your Own Workout

There are over 20 different built-in workouts on this treadmill if you want some extra challenge.

However if you can’t find anything you like, you can also easily design your own workout. This gives you a great way to grow with the treadmill as your fitness level improves.


Higher Speed Limit

This is another perk that a lot of buyers might miss. Most treadmills give you speeds up to 12 MPH. This treadmill goes a bit further with up to 13.5 MPH.

It’s a small thing, especially if you don’t plan on running. But high-speed runners will appreciate the extra room to push themselves.





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Lifespan 5500i Review – Any Cons?

Most treadmills give you up to 15% incline and the Lifespan 5500i gives you up to 12 levels of incline. This might be just an issue with the way Lifespan measures their incline (levels vs percentage). But it’s worth knowing.

Also this is an extremely heavy treadmill. So while it does fold up, you may not want to plan on moving it around a lot.




Bottom Line?

Because Lifespan isn’t as well known as some other treadmill brands, the Lifespan TR5500i is really a hidden gem.

If you’re looking for a strong, runner-friendly treadmill that gives you some health-club perks, you’ll probably be very happy with this machine.

It’s built to take a beating with larger rollers, all-steel frame, super-touch motor and longer running belt.

And the console is one of the best displays currently on the market.

Plus you have lots of options to design the workout that you want: choose from 3 different dashboard views, design your own custom workout, listen to your music or just watch your Youtube videos on the large screen.



Where to Buy and Save:

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