Tis the Season – For New Treadmill Models To Arrive!

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3 Ways You Can Benefit


pumpkinsAhhh November. The cool breeze. The last signs of fall. The hint of Christmas in the air (unless you’re in the mall, in which case it’s a full frontal Christmas assault).

If you’re in the market for a treadmill, this is great time. Why?

Because November is when the new treadmill models start to make their way out into the market.

And the new models are almost always better than the old ones – sometimes much better.

Manufacturers are getting better at adding stronger construction and better toys every year – especially as competition grows more intense.

(I’ll be reviewing new treadmill models on this blog as they come out.)

So how can that benefit you as a buyer? Here are 3 ways:


#1 Take Advantage of Last Year’s Model Clear-Out Sales

Manufacturers will try to make way for the new models by dropping the price on the older models. So around mid-November to mid-December you’ll see some sweet deals – especially from Nordic Track and Proform.


#2 Get the Latest Model with ALL The Bells and Whistles

If you want the very latest in toys and goodies, you may want to go with a newer model instead of last years model.

The way it often works is that a cool new features (like decline or web browsers for example) will start off in the commercial treadmill market and then filter down into the home treadmill market as manufacturers work out how to put these features on their home treadmills for less.

So getting the latest home model can often give you the very latest in entertainment and construction features (larger web browser windows, TV’s, downloadable workouts, HD video workouts, personal coaching programs, etc.)


#3 Take Advantage of Introductory Sales on New Models

Just like there are often sales on older models, some new models will also come with introductory sales – just to get the name out there and start getting the online customer reviews rolling.

Pay attention and look for these introductory sales, especially near Christmas and New Years.

So those are 3 ways you can benefit from buying a treadmill at this time of year. As the new models come out, I’ll be telling you about them on this blog – so stay tuned!

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