Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review – Worth Your Money?

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly on the Nordic Track 1750 Treadmill


Nordic Track C1750

Price:$1499 nordic Track 1750 treadmill - 2013
Motor: 3.5HP
Belt Size: 20 x 60"
Max Incline: 15%
Folding: Yes
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
best treadmill buy
Earning several top “Best Buy” awards, the 1750 gives you options you don’t usually find at this price point like incline and decline training, iFit LIVE built-in and a full color web browser.  So you can surf the net or read emails while you walk.  . For runners, the RunnersFlex cushioning reduces impact by up to 30% compared to road running, giving you added protection. This year's model has also added sevearl built-in HD video workouts, an iPad holder and large 3" rollers which extend the life of your treadmill. 5 Stars.


nordic track 1750 treadmill console 2013


Nordic Track 1750 Treadmill Review – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:


The Good:

The 1750 treadmill has been one of Nordic Track’s top sellers for the best few years. It’s raked in several “Best Buy” awards already (including one from this blog) and, frankly, I just don’t think you can beat the value for the money here.

For under $1500 you get so many options that you don’t get with other similarly-priced treadmills including a full color, touch-screen web browser. So you can watch Youtube videos, read your emails or surf the net while working out.

The 1750 also comes with iFit LIVE built-in – so you don’t have to buy a separate iFit LIVE module as you do with other models. You just connect it to your home wireless internet connection and go.

With iFit you can track your workout progess online and reach new goals. It also uses Google Streetview to help you run trails all over the world and get a “virtual reality” feel as you watch famous landmarks pass by on the screen.

To add further to the virtual reality feel, the 1750 treadmill also comes with 3% decline – so when the trail that you’re running declines according to Google, the treadmill will also mirror this and decline too.  It will also incline (up to 15%) when the trail inclines. Really, does it get any cooler than that?

nordic track c1750 decline

All the runners must-have features are here as well: strong motor with lifetime warranty coverage and an extra long deck so you can stretch out. Plus, Nordictrack has upgraded their cushioning system – it’s now adjustable. So you can get a firmer or a softer feeling deck, depending on your preference.

They’ve also added an iPad holder to this year’s model – it’s at eye level so you can do your work easily while walking (it’s a bit challenging when running, but depending on how coordinated you are, you might manage it). Then there are the HD video workouts that give you even more beautiful scenery as you run famous world trails.


Nordic track 1750 treadmill ipad holder


The Bad and the Ugly:

I’ll admit – I love this treadmill. Good value machines like the 1750 get me excited and show my geeky side. However this website is about giving you ALL the information you need to know before you buy.

So are there any downsides?

Well, no – but I think there are a few things you should know before you buy. First of all, in order to use the iFit, you need to purchase an iFit membership separately.

As of this writing a 1-year membership is $99 and a 2 year is $149. That isn’t bad considering all the stuff you get – goal tracking, free workouts from Jillian Michaels, racing against others in the iFit community, etc. However, as a buyer, you should be aware of the extra cost, in my opinion.

Now you don’t have to buy the iFit membership at all if you don’t want to. You can still use the treadmill and it’s non-iFit benefits quite well without it (web browser, the decline, the 40 built-in workouts etc.)

Then if you want to add in iFit later, you can. Completely up to you.

Also, while the color browser is bright and easy to read – it’s not the largest browser Nordic Track makes (it’s 7″). If you want an even larger browser, you can step up to the higher end commercial series treadmills which give you a 10 – 15″ browser.

Alternatively you can use your iPad for a larger screen if you want to.


nordictrack 1750 web browser



Is It Worth Your Money?

In a word, yes. Personally, I think the C1750 treadmill is hands-down one of the best values at this price point.

It would suit both runners and walkers – with a great mix of essentials (strong motor, top-notch cushioning and enough space to stretch out) and entertainment fun (web browser, HD videos, iFit options, built-in workouts, iPod dock with speakers).

One thing to note however that if you want the upgraded cushioning, HD videos and iPad holder, you’ll want to get this years’ model which you can find here – and not the 2012 model which is still being sold out of some sports/department stores.

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