Nordic Track C900 Pro – NordicTrack’s Best Under $1000?

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Is the C900 Pro Treadmill Worth Your Money?


Please Note: The C900 Treadmill has been discontinued – it has been replaced by the upgraded Nordictrack C970 Treadmill


Nordic Track C900

Price:$999 Nordic track C900 treadmill
Motor: 3.0HP
Belt Size: 20 x 60"
Max Incline: 15%
Folding: Yes
Weight Capacity: 350lbs
The C900 was rated "Highest Score" in its class by a leading consumer magazine. The high powered 3.0 HP motor easily powers the longer 60" belt without breaking a sweat.

The Quadflex cushioning reduces impact on your joints by up to 30% (great for those prone to shin splints and injuries). Download new workouts to your treadmill with iFit LIVE or listen to your favorite tunes with the iPod dock.



Nordic Track C900 Treadmill Review – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:


So you’re looking for a decent treadmill for under $1000 and you’re considering a Nordic Track (which you should be since NT makes some of the best options for under $1000). And you come across the C900 Pro treadmill.

You’re probably wondering how this one measures up. Not to fear. I’ll give you the good, the bad and the ugly on this machine before you buy – so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Let’s start with the good – and the downright impressive.

The 3.0 HP motor covered by a lifetime warranty is excellent for this price range. You don’t usually find such a strong motor under $1000, so it’s a nice little find here.

The longer 60″ belt is also a great find for this price point. You can stretch out and even run on this baby without a worry.

And the Quadflex cushioning can reduce impact on your joints by up to 30% (as compared to road running), giving you some extra protection for your joints.

One thing that’s unique on the C900 Pro is the quick-touch speed and incline controls on the EKG pulse sensor handlebars which are angled out in front of you. So you can change your speed or incline while gripping the pulse sensors to get a heart rate reading.



The C900 also comes iFit LIVE compatible. iFit LIVE lets you connect your treadmill to the Internet using the wireless in your home. From there you can map our trails to run using Googlemaps. You can also race and compete against Facebook friends.

You can also track your workout activity over time and set new health goals. And if you want a more personal challenge, why not download specialized workouts from Jillian Michaels? She actually coaches you through your workout – a great way to get motivated.

Another thing I like is that there are 2 ways to monitor your heart rate. You can use the EKG grip pulse sensors out in the front of the console.

Or you can use the wireless heart rate chest strap which comes free with the machine. Many people find that the wireless heart rate monitor is more accurate.


How is the C900 Pro different than the C900 treadmill?


You may notice that Nordic Track has both the C900 Pro and the C900. The C900 Pro is an upgraded version of the C900 – and as of this writing – comes in at a slightly higher price. The two treadmills are very similar with a few key differences:

The C900 Pro comes with the front quick incline and speed controls on the front heart rate hand sensors – which many people like. Also, the C900 Pro comes with a wireless heart rate monitor included – which, again, you don’t get with the C900.

Also, the console on the C900 Pro is a little larger, which gives some people a better sense of stability and safety on their treadmill, Finally, the side handrails on the C900Pro are longer than the C900 – which again, gives you more to hang on to.

But other than those things, these two treadmills are very similar – and it’s up to you whether you want to invest the extra money to get these things in the C900 Pro.


The Bad and the Ugly:

There’s not a lot of bad with this treadmill – it did pull in a leading consumer magazine recommendation after all. However keep in mind that if you’re a runner or plan on heavy use of your treadmill, you may want to upgrade to a bit more of a commercial grade machine.

Also, the console is only dual color – not multi color, which some people prefer (again another thing you get with upgraded machines).

And be aware that although iFit compatible, the iFit yearly membership is not automatically included with the treadmill.

That doesn’t mean you have to use iFit. You can fully enjoy the treadmill without iFit (it also comes with 32 built-in workout programs too). And perhaps you can upgrade to iFit when or if you’re ready in the future to try it out.


Is It A Good Buy For You?

If you’re looking for one of the best treadmills for under $1000, you really can’t go wrong with the C900 Pro. It comes with some strong basics (motor, cushioning, belt size, warranty, etc.) and a lot of little “comfort” extras thrown in (iPod dock, iFit, fan, built-in workouts, etc.)

Plus, you have the extra assurance that a leading consumer magazine also recommended it). While the price does jump around a bit, you can get it direct with Free Shipping to your home here.


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