Nordic Track C900 – What’s It Really Like?

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The Pros and Cons of the 2012 Nordic Track C900 Treadmill


nordic track c900 treadmill reviewsSince the recommendation from a leading consumer magazine, the Nordic Track C900 is a popular pick with buyers. But what’s it really like?

Here’s my personal opinion of the pros and cons of this treadmill. (For a full review and overview of all the features you get on this treadmill, check out my full Nordic Track C900 treadmill review here).


The Pros:


Under $1000

First, this treadmill is under $1000 with Free Shipping (if you buy it here). With many buyers on a budget these days, that is a great price point and affordable for most.


Solid Cushioning

I really like the Quadflex cushioning system on this treadmill. It’s not too soft but not overly firm either. And it gives you more give in the center of the belt with more firmness towards the back of the deck, which helps you push off to your next step.

While it’s not health club cushioning, for this price point, it’s one of the better treadmills I’ve tried.



You’ve probably already heard about the wonder-technology that is iFIT . You can pretty much do everything with iFit including download new workouts, track your fitness results over time and more.

While you don’t have the built-in iFit web browser that you get with the Commercial 1750, you still can do quite a lot in terms of workout downloads on the C900.


Large Console

Nordic Track C900 treadmill consoleOne thing I really like about Nordic Track is that they tend to make very large consoles and the C900 is no different.

I can’t explain it but I find a larger console just gives me that extra feeling of support and stability – and I never have a problem reading it because it’s so large and backlit too.


Heavy Machine

This may be a bad thing when you’re moving it – but it’s a benefit when it comes to added stability. The C900 isn’t health-club quality stable, but it is much better than older $1000 models by far.

It’s heavy and you feel that extra stability when you’re on it. I had to really work it hard to see even a minor shake in the arm bars.


The Cons:


iFit Module Not Included

This isn’t really a surprise since Nordictrack only includes the iFit module with their models that have web browsers. But some people don’t realize that the iFit Module is extra.

You don’t have to buy the module when you buy the treadmill of course – you can always add it later. And you won’t suffer for workouts if you don’t have iFit – there’s still 32 built-in workouts included.


Not A Health Club Machine

What I mean by this is that while you get some great design and construction – it’s good at this price point. The C900 could not compete with a $3000 treadmill. And if you have a very heavy, very fast runner in your home, they will push this unit to it’s limits and get a bit of shaking.


One-Color Console

You don’t get the full color console that you get with higher end Nordic Track models like the 1750 – so you do lose out a bit on the whole graphics experience.


Final Thoughts on the Nordic Track C900:

If you’re looking for a good unit for under $1000, the C900 is definitely worth checking out. In my opinion, it’s currently one fo the best options under $1000 in this market.

You get a lot of bang for the buck.  While it does have a few drawbacks, these aren’t out of the ordinary given the price point. And you really can’t beat the warranty either, which gives you added protection on your investment.

You can watch a full video of how the Nordic Track C900 treadmill works here.


nordic track c900 treadmill reviews


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