The X7 or the X9 Incline Trainer?

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Nordic track X7 Vs X9 Incline Trainer Video Comparison


nordictrack x9i incline trainer
Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer

Thinking about an incline trainer? Not sure which one is best? Two of the most popular incline trainers are the Nordictrack X7 (around $1599) and the Nordictrack X9 (around $1999).

What’s the difference?

The X9 is probably the most popular choice – but is it really worth the extra money for you?

Here’s a brief video that breaks down the main differences between them.

Note that this video is for the 2014 models – not the 2013 or previous models – so it’s up to date:



Click here to compare the Nordictrack X7 vs X9 Direct From the Manufacturer’s Official Site