Nordictrack 990 Treadmill Review Video

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Nordictrack 990 Treadmill
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill

The Nordictrack 990 treadmill is one of the most popular under-$1000 treadmills on the market right now.

It gives you something most treadmills at this price point don’t: a full color, touch-screen web browser.

Since Nordictrack usually only put the web browsers on their higher end treadmills, when they put it on the new 990 treadmill this year, it was impressive.

You can surf the net, read emails or catch up on the latest business news all from your treadmill console – this alone will make your workouts go by much faster.

You can also use the browser to connect to iFit and watch the scenery go by as you run famous iFit world trails like Paris or Hawaii.

We recently made a video review, showing you the pros and cons of the Nordictrack 990 treadmill (you can read the full written review of the 990 treadmill by clicking here).



Nordictrack 990 Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons of the New 2016 Model:



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