Nordictrack Treadclimber – What You Need To Know

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Is There Really Such A Thing?


nordictrack treadmillsThe other day I was looking at the logs of this website to see which keywords people were typing in order to find this website.

One thing that was interesting was that a lot of people were looking for the “Nordictrack Treadclimber”.

This is interesting because the Nordictrack Treadclimber doesn’t exist. So it can naturally be frustrating if you’re looking for it.

I think people are getting confused between the Bowflex Treadclimber seen here:


Bowflex Treadclimber
Bowflex TC10 Treadclimber


And the Nordictrack Incline Trainer seen here:


nordic track treadclimber
Nordictrack X9i Treadmill


The Nordictrack incline trainer is just as good (some would say better) than the Treadclimber in terms of calorie burning power – giving you inclines of up to 40% (and even decline on some models).  According to Nordictrack (and Jillian Michaels) you can burn up to 5 times the calories on one of these babies as you would a regular treadmill.

But the incline trainer does not have the 2 dual treadbelts which rise to meet your feet (which admittedly gives the Treadclimber the “cool factor”).


Bowflex treadclimber


Other differences between the two?

Well, the Nordictrack incline trainer has a lot more workout programs including iFit (which lets you go online and run trails all over the world), web browser, a full-color console, a heart rate monitor and a longer belt so you can run on it (with limited speed limits, you can’t run on the Treadclimber).


Nordic Track X9 incline trainer console
Nordictrack X9 Web Browser


Plus, depending on the model you get, it’s also about $500 – $1500 less than the Treadclimber.

My personal choice for the best Nordictrack Treadclimber is the X9 (Full Review here). It gives you the full color console, web browser and extra-long belt for under $2000 (with Free Shipping here). But there’s also the Nordictrack X7 which is pretty decent and about $400 less (but it doesn’t have the full color console or the web browser.

And as for the Bowflex Treadclimbers, my personal favorite is the TC10 as it’s the most affordable motorized Treadclimber at around $2300 (with a promo code here).


Bottom Line?

Whether it’s the Bowflex Treadclimber or the Nordictrack incline trainer, you’re looking for, they both help you lose weight super fast. Seriously the weight just seems to fall off on these things as this lovely Treadclimber user found:




And let’s face it, that’s one of the main reasons you invest in fitness equipment in the first place right – to look FABULOUS! So I hope that clears up some confusion if you’re looking for the Nordictrack Treadclimber and not finding it – the fact is there is no such machine because Bowflex/Nautilus own the Treadclimber name.

To learn more or just compare Bowflex and Nordictrack Treadclimbers and incline trainers see my full page on incline trainers here.


nordic track treadclimber
Nordictrack X9i Treadmill