Nordictrack X22i Treadmill Review – A Good Buy for You?

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Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer ReviewLooking for the something beyond a traditional treadmill?

The Nordictrack X22i incline treadmill goes beyond a standard treadmill to give you up to 40% incline and 6% decline.

This super-high incline gives you a lot more room to grow with this treadmill than with a standard model.

It can also help you burn more calories in less time – giving you faster results.

The X22i also steps up from the X11i model with a massive 22-inch, full-color, touch-screen, HD console.

You can use this to run trails all over the world with iFit Coach – or take a high-energy streaming fitness class from your console.

Is the Nordictrack X22i treadmill right for you?

Let’s take a look at how it works, what you get and how to save:


Nordictrack X22i Console


The Basics:

Price: $2999 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 4.0 HP

Incline: 40% and 6% Decline

Belt: 22 x 60″

Footprint: 70.2″ L X 39.6″ W

Console Size: 22 inches

Warranty: 10 year Frame, 2 year Parts, 1 year Labor




Nordictrack X22i Treadmill Review – Benefits:


Faster Results in Less Time

High incline walking uses more lower body muscles than regular plane walking – which incinerates calories. In fact, according to the Manufacturer, you can burn up to 5 times more calories on an incline trainer vs a regular treadmill.

So you can see weight loss and toning results very quickly on this machine.



Another benefit?

You can get a great workout in less time. If you don’t have a lot of time to workout, you can burn just as many calories on one of these machines as a regular treadmill – but in less time.

These treadmills are also great for HIIT training – which again helps to burn more calories even post workout.



Extra-Large 22-inch Console

The Nordictrack X22 treadmill steps up to a much larger 22-inch console (vs a 10-inch console on the Nordictrack X11i model).

This larger screen makes it a lot more enjoyable to see your workout stats – or watch iFit streaming workouts. It’s kind of like having a built-in touch-screen TV in your treadmill.



Better Crosstraining with 6% Decline

Add some crosstraining to your workout with up to 6% decline as well.

This is a deeper decline than you get on Nordictrack’s Commercial treadmills (which only give you up to 3% decline). So again, you’re getting a little more in the way of crosstraining options with this model.

The decline is also a fun way to take a rest after a particularly intense workout session.



Explore the World with iFit Coach

Stream thousands of world and studio workouts through your console with iFit Coach.

You can connect through your console screen and from there choose from thousands of different video workouts. You can take a high-energy fitness class – including ones that are created specifically for the incline trainer. You can also take strength training, HIIT workouts and even yoga sessions.

You can also run famous trails all over the world – from the Great Wall of Chine to the Streets of Paris – and see the scenery pass you by in the console screen.

You can run alone – or choose to watch a video workout where a personal trainer coaches you through your workout, pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.


iFit Workout


The best part?

While iFit coach is usually a monthly subscription streaming service, if you get the Nordictrack X22i treadmill through the manufacturer, you can get a Full membership to iFit included for a short time.

So you can try it first to see if you like it.

(You don’t need iFit Coach to use this treadmill – it works fine without it. And there is a free iFit version with several built-in workouts included. iFit is just an optional add-on if you want it).


Click Here to get iFit Included with the Nordictrack X22i 




Stronger Motor

The Nordictrack X22i treadmill steps up to a stronger 4.0 HP motor than the X11i model. This means it can take a little more use and abuse – with ease. So it’s great for runners or multiple-user families, who need a bit more substance from their treadmill.



More Room To Move

At 22 x 60 inches, this is one of the largest (and widest) belts on the market at this price point. This gives you extra room to stretch out and run. It’s also ideal for taller users.




Enhanced Automatic Trainer Control

Nordictrack upgraded the new model this year with enhanced automatic trainer control.

This basically means that the treadmill responds faster to changed that you – or the iFit trainer – makes. A faster response time means you get a more immersive workout experience on your trainer – very cool.




Live Workouts

iFit also upgraded this year. You used to only be able to stream workouts to your treadmill. However now you can also get LIVE workouts.

So you can follow your favorite trainer in real time, take the class with your online friends and even text your trainer a quesiton after class. That again adds a whole new dimension of training to this treadmill.



Nordictrack X22i Incline Treadmill – Any Drawbacks?


Does Not Fold

Because of the limits of a high-incline treadmill design, none of the incline trainers – including the X22i model – fold up. So if you’re looking for a folding treadmill, you may want to consider a regular Nordictrack treadmill like the 2450 model.




Bottom Line?

If you want a premium treadmill that gives you something more than a traditional model – you’ll love the Nordictrack X22i. You can get faster results in less time with the super-high inclines.

You can also get a more immersive training experience with the massive 22-inch console screen and iFit Coach workouts.

While it might be overkill for the occasional walker, if you want to pamper yourself with a machine that can grow with you over the years, this is a fantastic option.



Where to Buy and Save

You can get the new Nordictrack X22i treadmill with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

You’ll get the trial iFit Subscription included and the upgrades like the enhanced trainer control.


Click Here for a Special Offer on the Nordictrack X22


Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer



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