Precor Home Treadmill Review

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Benefits of the New Home Lineup of Precor Treadmills


Precor home treadmill

Precor is a name originally associated with elliptical trainers. However they do have a line of treadmills as well. Mainly these are seen as commercial machines (as they start around $4000 and up).

However, Precor has come out with some more affordable “home models” that start around $1799 and up. To get a Precor for that price is unbelievable.

However you should know that these are not the same version of treadmill as their commercial models They are a more scaled down version of the health-club version treadmills.

They do have some of the features that have made Precor treadmills famous however.


precor treadmill console

For example these treadmills come with Ground Effects Control Cushioning which gives you extra protection for your joints, hips and back. This system gives you a softer surface where your foot hits the belt with a firmer surface where you foot pushes off.

Another unique thing about these treadmills is the Integrated Foot Plant technology. When you run, the speed of your foot changes as it hits the belt. Precor treadmills register your foot speed and the recalibrate the belt speed up to 710 times per second.

This helps to give a more natural, smooth-feeling running motion and prevents the drag that can pull your foot backwards (very similar to running outside).

The higher end Precor home models also come with 2 – 4 user IDs. These keep your information stored so you don’t have to re-enter them every time you workout. It makes these treadmills handy for families or multiple users.

Precor consoles are simple in layout. According to the company, this is done on purpose so that the user can just get on and go, without having to read a manual to start the treadmill.


precor treadmill console



How do these treadmill measure up against similarly priced brands like Sole or Nordictrack? Well, you can’t fault them in terms of construction. These treadmills are incredibly well made.

However they do suffer a bit in terms of the workout program options available to you. In that area, brands like Nordictrack just blow them out of the water with web browsers, built-in TVs, super-high incines and declines.


precor 9.23 treadmill


So it really depends on what you want.

Overall though, Precor machines shine in the area of high quality construction and simple, effective design. If you’re looking for a premium treadmill, they may be worth checking out.

You can learn more about these treadmills and read user reviews here. You can even get Free Shipping, which can save you quite a bit on a package this size.

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