Proform Power 1495 Treadmill Review – Worth Your Money?

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Pros and Cons of the New Proform 1495 Treadmill


Proform 1495 treadmill review
Proform 1495 Treadmill

The Proform 1495 treadmill is a new 2014 model. It’s the luxury model in the “Power” series which is more of their premium treadmill lineup. And Proform has thrown everything into it but the kitchen sink.

You get the largest web browser they offer – a full 10 inches across, making it easy to surf the net or read your emails as you walk.

You also get a 15% incline AND 3% decline to add in more workout challenges or interval training.

There’s also a free wireless heart rate monitor, iPod dock and extra long 60 inch deck.

So how does it measure up in terms of value? Here’s a few things you should know:


The Basics:


Price: $1499 + Free Shipping

Motor: 3.5 HP

Incline: 15% and 3% Decline

Belt: 20 x 60″

Folding? Yes

Built-In Workouts: 35

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck Warranty, 5-Year Parts & Electronics Warranty, 2-Year Labor Warranty


Proform Power 1495 iFit Treadmill

The Pros:


Largest 10 inch Full-Color Web Browser

This is the highlight of the treadmill: a large touch-screen Android web browser. You can surf the net, read the latest business news or watch Youtube videos with this browser – which uses the wireless in your home to connect.

If you want tend to get bored easily on the treadmill, this is a fantastic feature that can make your workout time fly by!


Proform 1495 Treadmill Console



Decline and Incline

The treadmill gives you 15% incline and 3% decline. The decline option is a great way to challenge your body and work some different crosstraining intervals into your workout.


iFit LIVE – Built In

iFit LIVE is an ultra-hip technology that lets you do some amazing things with your treadmill. You can download and add new workouts to your treadmill – including some from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. You can sync and track your workouts online to see how far you’ve come and set new goals.


iFit for treadmills


You can even map out new trails using Googlemaps or choose from several pre-designed famous world trails to run. You’ll see landmarks pass you by in the console screen as you walk – very cool. Plus the treadmill mimics the actual trail – inclining and declining to match the terrain.

Another benefit to this is that because it comes built-in, you don’t have to buy the extra iFit LIVE module (which you do for the Power 995 model). That will save you about $100.


Free Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

The Proform 1495 comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor, which sends info to the console to give you constant heart rate feedback. Many people prefer wireless monitors because they tend to give you more accurate results.


Extra Long 60 Inch Belt

The extra long belt on this treadmill is a great option for runners or taller users as you can pick up the pace without feeling like you’re on the edge of the belt.


Proform Power 1495 Folding Treadmill


The Cons:


iFit LIVE Subscription Required

While you don’t have to buy the iFit LIVE module, you do have to get a yearly subscription to iFit online (about $99 a year) in order to use iFit. You don’t need to have iFit to use this treadmill however – it still works fine (including the web browser) without iFit.

Plus it already comes with 34 built-in workouts. But it is something to be aware of.


No Headphone Jack

You can hear the sound from your iPod or from the Internet through the console speakers – but there is no headphone jack. This isn’t a huge problem, more like a minor annoyance.




Bottom Line?

If you like the Power series but want a bit more in terms of luxury and fun, the Power 1495 is a sleek new treadmill that’s worth considering. It gives you one of the largest web browsers on a machine at this price point and you get lots of options to challenge yourself like the iFit workouts, decline and 34 built-in workouts.

Overall a great value buy that would suit runners or walkers alike – and one of Proform’s best values overall.


Where To Buy at a Discount

While the 1495 Power treadmill is hard to find (it’s fairly new), you can buy it here, compare it against other Proform treadmills and get Free Shipping to your home.

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Proform 1495 treadmill review
Proform 1495 Power Treadmill