Proform 995 Review Video – 2014 Treadmill Model

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Video Review of the New Proform 995i for 2014


Proform 995 Treadmill - 2014
Proform 995 I Treadmill

The Proform 995 treadmill has been one of Proform’s most popular treadmills for a few years now.

The 995 I is the 2014 newest upgrade – and will eventually be phasing out the 995 C model.

It’s a great little buy because (currently at least) it comes in for around $999 plus Free Shipping .

Here’s a brief video review of the Proform 995i treadmill along with a few things you should know before buying:



How to Save $50:

Unlike a lot of new 2014 models that Proform puts out, the 995i is actually almost exactly the same as the 995c model (the older 2013 version).

Proform usually adds more toys to their 2014 models – however this is probably a case of “don’t mess with a good thing” as the 995 treadmill is still one of the best under-$1000 treadmill options on the market right now anyways.

So, as of this writing you can actually get the older Proform 995C treadmill for $50 less here. Please note however that I don’t know how long Proform will be selling the 995 C at this price.

Once they are out of stock of the 995C, they’ll probably just be offering the newer 995i model. So if you want to save a few bucks, you may want to check it out.

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Proform 995 treadmill console 2014
Proform 995i Console