Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review – A Good Buy for You?

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proform t7 carbon treadmill review

The Proform Carbon T7 treadmill is one of the few treadmills that still come in under $1000.

With inflation hitting everything from the grocery store to treadmills, it’s nice to see a super-affordable treadmill that still gives you some fun fitness perks.

For example you get a full-color, 7-inch touch screen console where you can connect with iFit and run trails all over the world.

You can also take studio classes from the comfort of your own home or track your workout stats over time to reach new goals.

This treadmill also comes with some decent basics like the 2.6 CHP motor and up to 10% incline.

So is the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill a good choice for you? How does it really measure up?

Here’s a brief review of what you should know:



The Basics:

Price: $999 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 2.6 HP

Incline: 10%

Belt: 20 x 55″”

Footprint: 73.5″ L X 35.2″ W

Console Size: 7 inches

Warranty: 10 year Frame, 1 year Parts, 1 year Labor


Proform Carbon T7 Console


Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review – Benefits:


7-inch Full-Color Touch Screen

You get a 7-inch, full-color, HD touch screen in the console of this treadmill.

You can easily see your workout progress in full color with a swipe of your finger.

Or connect with iFit Coach and run trails anywhere in the world – enjoying the scenery in the console as you run (more on iFit Coach below).



There’s also a port for your phone and built-in console speakers. So you can plug in your phone and play your favorite workout tunes through the console speakers.

And you can make easy on-the-fly changes with the one-touch speed and incline buttons along the bottom of the console.





Travel the World With iFit Coach

The Proform Carbon T7 comes iFit Coach compatible.

iFit connects your treadmill to the Internet through your console and the WiFi in your home. From there you can do all sorts of fun things. You can run famous trails all over the world – from the Swiss Alps to the streets of Paris to the Grand Canyon.

You’ll see the actual scenery pass you by in the console screen as you run, for some virtual reality fun.

You can choose to run on your own – or take a tour with a personal trainer who coaches you throughout the workout, pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.

Another cool thing you can do?



Take a high-energy fitness class right from your treadmill!

You can choose from a large variety of different workouts – from beginner walking workouts to strength training to more intense HIIT training workouts.

You can also sync your results with iFit Coach and go online to see how far you’ve come. In fact, iFit can even send you personalized workouts and even diet recommendations to help you meet your stated goals.


iFit Workout


The best part?

As of this writing, you can get a Free 1-year membership to iFit Coach included with the treadmill. So you can try it out for a full year to see if it’s right fow you.

(You don’t need iFit to use this treadmill – it works fine without it. iFit is just an add-on option if you want it).



Add Intervals with 10% Incline

You get up to 10% incline on this treadmill. Although it’ not the highest incline you can find on a treadmill, it still gives you a great way to add some high-intensity, fat-burning intervals into your routine.

Plus if you’re walking a world trial with iFit, the treadmill can automatically incline or decline to match the terrain for a more immersive experience.


Folding with Shock Assist

Save space in your workout area with the easy-lift assisted folding on this treadmill. You can fold it up and lock the deck into place easily if you want to move the treadmill or just clean around it.



3-Speed Fan to Stay Cool

The console fan gives you 3 different speeds to stay cool during extra-long workouts.




Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill – Any Drawbacks?

While the basics are ok here – this is not built as strong as Proform Pro models like the Pro 2000 treadmill. The deck is lighter and the belt is shorter at 55 inches.

It also doesn’t have the kind of motor power or incline that you find on Proform’s higher end models (which give you up to 15% incline). Still, it should be fine for most walkers and occasional exercisers.




Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a well-made starter treadmill – with some fun fitness perks like streaming workouts – the Proform Carbon T7 treadmill is worth checking out.

You can connect to iFit online through the touch-screen and run trails all over the world, take studio fitness classes and even track your results online to reach new goals.

The treadmill is on the simpler side and would be best suited for walkers – not necessarily running. But overall it’s a great little starter treadmill for a very affordable price.



Where to Buy and Save

You can get the Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill at the sale price direct from the Manufacturer here. You’ll get the Free 1-year iFit Subscription included.

You can also read the latest user reviews and see the full treadmill specs before you buy.


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