Proform Treadmill With Desk Review – 2014

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Proform Desk Treadmill with iFit


desk-treadmilll-workspace Desk treadmills used to be kind of fringe (and very expensive, starting around $3000+).

Basically, they allowed you to work while you walked – and avoid that inevitable weight gain and “spread” that happens when sitting for hours at your desk.

The trend really started with a few commercial grade manufacturers adding a desktop to their treadmills in place of a console.

Then some companies started offering desks that would fit over a treadmill and even desks attached to the console.

The problem with older desk treadmills is that – because you’re only supposed to walk at very slow speeds while working – there were speed limits on the treadmill (no running allowed!)

So you were really buying a very specialized treadmill – that couldn’t necessarily be used for running.

Also, the desks that fit over treadmills would usually cover the console and you’d have to do some fancy maneuvering to actually get to the controls.

As treadmills with desks grew in popularity, it was inevitable that one of the largest fitness equipment brands in the world would catch on and come out with something both cheaper and better than past options.

Proform has recently introduced their new Thinline Desk Treadmill for under $2000 (there’s also a Pro version that’s a bit more expensive). The great thing about this machine that it can be used as BOTH a desk treadmill and a regular treadmill.


proform desk treadmill


You can fold the top console down and use it as a workspace (and still have side handrail controls to set your speed and incline). Or you can lift the console up and see your workout stats to use it as a standard treadmill (for running workouts for example.)

It also integrates with your tablet whether the console is folded down in desk mode – or folded up in regular mode.




The “thinline” in this treadmill also speaks to another benefit – it folds up super thin and compact. The treadmill actually folds up with a 12-inch width at its thinnest. This is really hand for example if you have a home office with limited space and you want to be able to fold the treadmill up out of the way when done.


The Proform Desk Treadmill also comes with iFit LIVE and all the benefits you get with iFit like new workouts from Jillian Michaels, HD Video workouts, the ability to map out and run new world trails with Googlemaps, etc.

Another plus is the extra wide 22 x 60 inch belt – which gives you a lot of room to spread out and move. And for more crosstraining, you get a 12% incline with 3% decline – another thing that older treadmill desks don’t give you.

Finally, I really like the fact that this treadmill is pretty much fully assembled already.

You do have to attach the base brace but that’s it – there’s no complicated wiring or belt adjustments.

And the iFit LIVE comes included – so you don’t need to buy an extra module (but you will have to spring for the yearly subscription online which is about $99 a year).




If you’ve been looking for a desk treadmill that will allow you to work – and do double duty as a regular treadmill (with a lot of entertainment options like iFit thrown in), this treadmill might be worth checking out.

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proform desk treadmill