Proform Performance 400i Treadmill Review

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Pros & Cons of the 2016 Proform Performance 400i Treadmill



Proform Performance 400i Treadmill Review
Proform Performance 400i Treadmill

The Proform Performance 400i treadmill has been around for a few years now – but Proform updates it every year.

The main benefit of this treadmill is that it’s super-affordable, coming in under $600 with Free Shipping here.

Proform excels in make decent starter treadmills – they have the resources behind them to add a lot more to the treadmills (and keep the price down) than other brands.

The Performance 400 offers you some decent basics including a 2.5 HP motor, iPod dock, iFit compability and EKG heart rate sensors.

Is it right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons of the Proform Performance 400 treadmill to help you decide:


The Basics:

Price: $599 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.5 HP

Speed: 0 – 10 MPH

Incline: 0 – 10%

Belt Size: 20 x 55″

Folding? Yes

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 25 year Motor Warranty, 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty



proform 400 treadmil console


Pros of the Proform Performance 400i Treadmill:


#1 Decent Basics

For a starter treadmill, the basics are pretty decent on this machine. You get a 2.5 HP motor along with 10% incline and up to 10 MPH. There’s also an averaged sized 55 inch long belt which should be fine for most people under 6’2″, although runners may find it a bit short.



#2 Tablet Holder

tablet holder for treadmillThe tablet holder bracket sits above the console around eye level.

So you can use your tablet and watch your favorite shows or movies as you walk.

You can also use the tablet to connect to iFit online and (if you have a subscription), you can watch real life trails pass you by in the tablet screen.




#3 iFit LIVE Compatible

Most 2016 Proform treadmills are not iFit LIVE compatible. With iFit you can download new workouts to your treadmill, track your workout stats online over time and race against your friends.

The best part is that you can run anywhere in the world – and watch real landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen. It gives you a lot of new things to do (and new places to go) by using iFit.


Proform performance 400 with ifit



#4 iPod Dock With Speakers

You can also plug in and play your favorite tunes with the iPod dock. There are built-in speakers  in the console so you can avoid using your earphones if you want.



#5 Easily Folds To Save Space

The Proform 400 folds up to save space. There are rollers on the bottom to make it easier to move out of the way.



proform 400 folding treadmill



#6 Eighteen Built-in Workouts

This treadmill also comes with 18 built-in workouts. So you don’t need to get iFit in order to add some challenge to your worko.



Cons of the Proform Performance 400 Treadmill:


#1 Very Basic Console

The console is small and very basic. It is not backlit (backlit consoles make it easier to read your workout stats) and it doesn’t show you a lot. Still at this price point, it’s fairly normal.


proform 400 console up close



#2 Average Belt Size

While it’s an average belt size, some people may find the belt (55 inches long) to be a bit on the short side. This treadmill is not recommended for heavy running.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a no-frills motorized treadmill for walking – from a good name – you’ll probably like the Proform 400 Performance treadmill.

You get all of the basics that you need (decent motor, average belt, incline, heart rate monitor) without paying for a lot of frills you don’t want. Overall, not the best treadmill for heavy running – but walkers will be fine with it.



Where To Save:

You can get the new 2016 Proform Performance 400i treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping to your home, which will save you about $150.


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Proform Performance 400i Treadmill Review
Proform Performance 400i Treadmill