Smooth Fitness Treadmill – My Personal Experience

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Why I Both Love and Hate Smooth Treadmills


Smooth 7.35 treadmillIf you’re looking for a quality treadmill – something a cut above the standard department store fare, you’ve probably come across the Smooth Fitness name.

They were actually one of the first treadmill companies to sell directly online to the consumer and cut out the middleman.

In fact, when I first started out reviewing and rating treadmills, Smooth was THE main player in town, known for building some of the best high quality, runner-worthy treadmills online.

That’s one of the main reasons that, when I went to invest in my next treadmill, I chose to buy a Smooth (the 9.25X model – not that anyone is as nerdy as myself and remembers that one since it’s long since been discontinued).

I wanted something sturdy, tough and well built. And the 9.25X did not disappoint.

In fact, I’ve been through 3 different moves with my 9.25X – and it just keeps on ticking.

So here’s why I both love and hate Smooth treadmills:


Why I Love My Smooth Treadmill


I’ve never had one problem with my Smooth treadmill – not one. Ok, I lied. Just one, it’s heavy. H-E-A-V-Y.

In fact after my second-last move, my husband made me promise to hire movers for our next move IF I was going to be taking my Smooth treadmill with me to the next house. That’s how much he hated moving it (him and 3 friends had to do it – and it still took them 2 hours to get it in the new house).

But other than that, no other problems. No electrical problems. No dreaded squeaking noises. No belt alignment issues (and I don’t even grease the belt like I was told to).

And I’ve had this treadmill for over 8 years now. No issues and 8 years. That’s a good quality machine, my friends.


smooth treadmill personal review


Why I Hate My Smooth Treadmill


I hate my Smooth treadmill because of exactly that – 8 years and it still keeps going.

Let me explain. You know the way most women are with purses? That’s how I am with treadmills (an only slightly more expensive habit).

But unlike with purses, you’re really only supposed to have just one treadmill at a time.

So for 8 long years, I’ve been reviewing and salivating over some hot-hot-hot treadmills (Hello NordicTrack X9 Incline Trainer!!!!) and unfortunately have been unable to buy them (ok, banned from buying them by my hubby).

I wish my Smooth would go down for the count – so I could then indulge my treadmill habit and get a new one – or two.

And trust me, it’s not like I haven’t tried. After all – 3 different moves.  Since it doesn’t fold up, that means it’s been moved and taken apart 3 different times. Not a peep.

It’s actually now in my garage (and that is a BIG NO-NO people – you should never keep your treadmill in the garage). But every morning when I go out to use it, it still keeps running just fine. No problems at all. I hate you Smooth 9.25X.


So if you’re wondering if a Smooth treadmill is a good buy for you or not, I can say that my personal experience has been both good and bad.

Then again, if you don’t have a nasty habit of wanting to buy a new treadmill every year, you might not have the loathing that I have for my Smooth.

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