Smooth Treadmills Update – What’s Going On?

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An Update on the Smooth Fitness Brand


Smooth treadmill updateThinking about buying a Smooth treadmill? Smooth treadmills have been highly rated for years – although not as widely sold as some brands.

They started out in the late nineties as one of the first manufacturers to sell directly to the consumer – and skip the middleman of the store. So people could by a higher end treadmill for about 40% off the retail price.

They were actually one of the first brands to pioneer this direct-selling model – and set the standard for many brands today that sell direct-to-consumer.

smooth 7.35 treadmillHowever over the past few years Smooth has been struggling to keep up. Their newer models just weren’t as solid as older models – and in the entertainment/tracking area, they were below-average.

This is one of the reasons we stopped reviewing and talking about their treadmills for a while. Since we knew they were going through some rough waters, we wanted to see just how this brand would shake out.

And now we know. Smooth has been purchased by ICON.

This is actually one of the best things that could have happened to Smooth. ICON, being one of the largest manufacturers in the business has the resources, finances and engineering talent to continue the brand – only better.

smooth fitness treadmillMy guess is that they will keep Smooth as the commercial-grade brand it’s always been with strong construction and runner-grade cushioning. But they’ll probably use their own resources to bring them up to snuff in terms of online tracking and entertainment options.

Right now where does that leave you? Well, you can get some of the older Smooth models like the 7.35 and 9.35 online here.

But if you want to wait and see the new Smooth models that ICON is releasing, you can check out the new Smooth website here.


new Smooth treadmill
New Smooth Treadmill for 2015