Sole F85 Treadmill – A Good Buy for You?

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sole f85 treadmill reviewThe Sole F85 treadmill in one of the most popular folding treadmills in the Sole lineup.

And this year they’ve upgraded it to be even better.

The F85 console now comes with a 10-inch Android tablet in the console.

You can mirror your own tablet or device to the console and watch your favorite movies, shows or Youtube videos through the console as you run.

It also has the tough-as-nails construction that you’ve come to expect from Sole including a monster 4.0 HP motor and Cushion Flex cushioning.

So is the Sole F85 treadmill right for you?

Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:


Sole F85 Specs:

Price: $1999 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 4.0 HP

Incline: 15%

Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH

Built-In Workouts: 10

Warranty: Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts, 2 Year Labor


Sole F85 Treadmill Console

Sole F85 Treadmill Review – Benefits:


Full-Color, Touch-Screen Console

Sole upgraded the console this year to an impressive 10-inch Android touch-panel. So you can see your workout stats in full color with a swipe of your finger.

Considering Sole has been criticized in the past for not keeping current with other treadmill in terms of console features – this is a huge step up.

It should make this treadmill extremely popular this year.

You can also mirror your own tablet or phone to the screen and watch Netflix or Youtube videos on the console screen as you run. This adds a whole new level of entertainment options to your workout time.


Sole F85 Treadmill Console
Sole F85 Console


Extra Protection with Cushion Flex

Cushionflex cushioning is Sole’s unique cushioning system. It was shown in a study to reduce impact on your joints by up to 40% as compared to road running.

This means you have extra protection on your knees, hips and ankles – and it’s especially good for runners. Along with the spacious 60-inch deck you can stretch out and run on this treadmill for a more comfortable, cushioned run.



Tablet Shelf

You also get a shelf above the console you can use to hold your tablet or phone. So if you don’t want to watch movies through the console you can always attach your tablet to the shelf and surf the net or watch your favorite shows that way.

Another nice touch?

There’s a USB charging port behind the console. So you can plug in and charge your tablet or phone as you workout. You’ll never need to worry about your tablet or phone running out of battery on the treadmill.


Side Handrail Controls

The Sole F85 model also has incline and speed controls on the side handrails. You can change your speed or incline with the buttons on the side handrails instead of reaching up to the console to do it.

This is convenient if you’re running – since you don’t have to reach up to the console to do it and throw off your stride.


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Strong 4.0 HP Motor

The motor on this unit is stronger than other Sole models like the F80 or F65. So it’s great for runners or multiple-user families who need more from their treadmill.

It can hold up better under heavier strain and stress than the other Sole models.



Folds Up with Shock Assist

The Sole F85 treadmill deck folds up and locks into place with wheels on the bottom for easier movement. There’s also a shock-assisted fold to help save the strain on your back.



Extra Accessories Tray

Store your keys, remote or other accessories with the added accessories tray under the console on this treadmill.


Sole F85 Treadmill



Sole F85 Treadmill – Any Drawbacks?

It’s really hard to find something wrong with this treadmill. It’s built like a tank, strong and stable – plus it gives you great entertainment options for an excellent price.

It may be more than an occasional walker needs – but that’s about it.

Bottom Line?

If you want a premium runners treadmill that gives you a strong mix of both excellent construction and the latest technology updates, you’ll be very happy with the Sole F85 treadmill.

It has strong construction, super-tough motor, larger rollers, excellent cushioning and spacious belt – all covered by a top-notch warranty to protect your investment.

Plus with the upgraded, full-color, touch-screen console on this treadmill it’s going to be hard to beat this year.



Where to Buy and Save

You can get buy the new Sole F85 treadmill direct from the Manufacturer and get Free Shipping here.

You can also see the full specs, get expert assembly and see the latest user reviews of this treadmill.


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sole f85 treadmill review



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