Sole F85 Treadmill Review

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Pros and Cons of the Sole F85 Treadmill:


Sole F85 Treadmill Review
Sole F85 Treadmill

The Sole F85 is the top folding treadmill in Sole’s lineup – and it goes over the top in terms of construction.

Sole has thrown everything at it including a whopping 4.0 HP motor, premium crowned 2.75 inch rollers and a reinforced frame.

There’s also the famous Sole CushionFlex system which reduces impact on your joints by 40% (vs road running). This treadmill also has the largest console window that Sole carries, which makes it easier to see and read your workout stats.

So is the F85 right for you? And how does it stack up to the competition? Here’s what you should know:


The Basics:

Price: $1799 + Free Shipping

Motor: 4.0 HP

Incline: 15%

Belt: 22 x 60″

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Built-In Workouts: 6

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, Deck & Motor, 5 years electronics, 2 years labor

Sole F85 Treadmill Console


Sole F85 Treadmill Review – Pros:


The Sole F85 is Sole’s top-of-the-line folding model and it’s a very popular choice for runners.

This makes sense as it has everything a runner needs – like top of the line cushioning, strong deck, extra long running belt, a powerful motor and industrial strength construction.

The Cushion Flex cushioning has been shown to reduce impact on your joints by 40% (as compared to ashpalt running) so it gives you the proper protection for your joints.





The Whisper Deck is not only quiet – it’s also super tough. And it’s also covered by a lifetime warranty. So if you wear it out, Sole will replace it for you – for Free.

The running belt is extra long at 60 inches and Sole has also added extra 22″ width as well, giving you more room to move. This is hard to find in a treadmill under $1800 and chances are if you’re a runner, you will notice the difference vs the standard 20″ wide deck most units carry.

The industrial grade frame and high powered 4.0 HP motor give this treadmill a whopping 400 lb user weight capacity. So basically it can take pretty much any kind of beating you throw at it – without breaking a sweat.



sole f85 console


The console also takes a step up from lower models. It’s larger with a scrolling message board and allows for more customization. For example, the heart-rate control automatically calculates your recommended target range based on your age.

There are 2 heart rate control workouts (where the treadmill adjusts speed/incline to keep you in your target zone) as well as 6 built-in programs and 2 more customizable programs.



The Cons:

The Sole F85 may be a monster machine with top of the line construction – but it does fall down in terms of entertainment options. When you compare it to similarly priced treadmills it just doesn’t give you as much.

For example the similarly priced Nordictrack Commercial 2450 comes with similar features – but adds a full color console with web browser, adjustable cushioning option and iFit LIVE. .

So you’re not going to get all the high tech toys that come with some other brands. If you get bored easily this may be a problem.

sole f85 folded

Bottom Line?

The F85 is definitely a solid, well made treadmill – and a great choice if you want a more commercial grade machine that’s built to take a beating. The money here really went into construction and cushioning.

The problem is that Sole hasn’t really updated their machines in terms of workout programs or entertainment options – and other brands have. So from that angle, the F85 does fall down a bit. But in terms of construction quality, you’re getting the best of the best with this treadmill.



Where To Buy and Save

While the Sole F85 used to be priced at $1999 – the Manufacturer has currently dropped the price to $1799, making it an even better deal.

You can also get Free Shipping to your home which can save you about $150.


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Sole F85 Treadmill Review
Sole F85 Treadmill