Sole TT8 Vs F85 Treadmill Comparison

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Which Treadmill is Best For You?


The Sole TT8 and the F85 are two of Sole’s premium, luxury treadmills.


Sole TT8 vs F85
Sole TT8

Sole F85 treadmill
Sole F85 Treadmill


They carry a lot of the same popular features like:

CushionFlex Cushioning – Shown to reduce impact on joints by up to 40%

Side Handrail Controls – So you don’t have to reach up to the console to change your speed or incline.

Lower Accessories Tray – Great for extra storage, keys, remote, etc.

4.0 HP Motor – This super-strong motor is excellent for keeping up with heavy, running workouts

Extra Wide 22 x 60 Inch Deck – This gives you a lot of extra room to move and run.

So where are they different? And which one is best for you?

Here’s a list of the key differences between the Sole TT8 vs F85:


Construction Quality

sole tt8 vs f85 deckWhile both treadmill are built to very high standards, the TT8 edges out the F85.

It uses a grated, reinforced deck for extra stability and durability.

The TT8 also has 3″ rollers whereas the F85 uses 2.75 inch rollers – larger rollers help to prolong the life of your treadmill.


Machine Weight

The TT8 treadmill is heavier than the F85 (299 pounds vs 265 pounds). This again helps to add stability and is great for runners.

However on the downside it also makes the TT8 model heavier to move.



Both treadmills have similar warranties – but the TT8 model comes with an added Commercial Use Warranty.

sole f85 vs Sole TT8


The F85 treadmill folds up whereas the TT8 does not fold up. So it depends on if you want a folding treadmill or not.


Those are the main differences between the Sole TT8 vs F85. Basically the TT8 is made with slightly better construction and will stand up to heavier and longer use.

It’s ideal for situations where the treadmill will be in use for long periods of time.

The F85 folds up and is still more than adequate for runners in the home setting. It also comes in $400 cheaper than the TT8 – so that’s a benefit as well.

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Sole F85 vs TT8
Sole F85 Treadmill