Top 10 Most Popular Treadmills and Ellipticals of 2014 (Video Reviews)

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Top 10 Fitness Equipment Video Reviews of 2014:


best-buyA lot of people like to watch video reviews of treadmills – or any fitness equipment – before they buy.

It helps them to get a better sense of the pros and cons of each model, which is why we started doing video reviews a few years ago.

As a start to the New Year, we decided to list the Top 10 Fitness Equipment Videos (most watched, most emailed about, most liked, etc.) we had in 2014.

You’ll also find links below each video on where to get more information on each treadmill or elliptical that is discussed in each video. So here we go:


Top 10 Fitness Equipment Video Reviews:



#1 Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review:


This is actually an amalgamation of 3 videos – the 2013 model review, 2014 model review and the 2015 model review. Together these videos got more views than any other treadmill or elliptical video.

This is probably because the Commercial 1750 treadmill is a very popular model with some features you don’t get with other brands like decline, web browser and adjustable cushioning.

The video below is of the new 2015 model. Based on the views so far, this will probably be the most popular treadmill of 2015:


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#2 Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer Review:


The incline trainer is extremely popular because you can use it as a regular treadmill – plus you get the addition of high incline training (40% incline, 6% decline) to burn up to 5 times the calories.

The X9i model is the most popular incline trainer on the market right now – so it’s no surprise that it gets a lot of attention. This video will show you the pros and cons of the X9i trainer:


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#3 Bowflex Max Trainer 5:


This was a surprise. Bowflex came out with a new hybrid elliptical-stair climber in 2014 that, according to Bowflex, they are finding hard to keep on the shelves. They were even selling out of this trainer 3 weeks before Christmas, it was crazy.

This video will show you the major benefits of the new Bowflex Max Trainer M5. If you’re looking for something other than a treadmill, it might be worth your time:


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#4 Proform 995 C Treadmill Review


The Profom 995 C is one of Proform’s most popular treadmills under $1000. It gives a lot of solid benefits at an attractive price point.

Plus it’s been around for a few years now. This is a testament to its popularity as Proform doesn’t usually keep treadmill models around for this long:



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#5 Bowflex Treadclimber Reviews – A Quick Comparison of the 3 Different Treadclimber Models


A lot of people like the Bowflex Treadclimber as it lets you burn up to 3.5 times the calories as a regular treadmill. But many buyers get confused about which model is best for them.

This video will show you the main differences between the TC5, TC10 and TC20 Treadclimbers to help you decide which one fits your needs:


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#6 Nordictrack C970 Treadmill Review


The C970 is Nordic Track’s best treadmill for under $1000. It may soon be replaced by the 990 model.

But for now, it gives you a lot of excellent features that you don’t usually find at this price point like a strong motor, excellent cushioning and bright backlit console. This video will go over some pros and cons of the C970 Treadmill:



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#7 Best Exercise Machine To Lose Weight – 3 Home Machines That Help You Burn Calories Quickly!


This video is newer but got a lot of attention very quickly – so obviously people are interested in burning calories with their fitness equipment:



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Read a full review of incline trainers and Treadclimber by visiting this page.




#8 Sole F80 Vs F85 Comparison


The Sole F80 and F85 are popular treadmills – but they look so much alike, people are left wondering what’s the main difference? What do you really get with the F85 that they don’t get with the F80?

This video will layout the main differences between the two:


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#9 Nordictrack X9 Vs X11 Incline Trainer Comparison – What’s the Difference?


The X9 is about $400 less than the X11 incline trainer – which leaves many people wondering – is the X11i worth the extra money?

This video lays out the main differences between these two incline trainer treadmills to help you decide:



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Click Here for the Full Review of the X11 Incline Trainer



#10 Treadmill Buying Guide 2014 – How To Find Your Best Treadmill


If you’re shopping for a treadmill, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the technical terms that salespeople throw at you. This video will show you exactly what you should be looking for – so YOU are the treadmill expert:




That’s it folks – hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful New Year!