Desk Treadmill Options

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3 Of Your Best Treadmill Desk Options


treadmill desk lifespanLooking for a treadmill desk?

Treadmill desks have become more popular recently as people want to work long hours – but still stay in shape.

As someone who works from her laptop sitting for long hours, I can relate. Sitting for long hours is just not healthy.

That’s why I got my treadmill desk 5 years ago and have never regretted it since. In fact, almost everyone who comes to my home and sees my desk treadmill makes a comment about how cool it looks and what a great idea it is.

With a desk you have the workspace to put your laptop, modem, phone, paper and pens – or anything else you need to work on while walking

When I bought my desk 5 years ago, there really weren’t a lot of options. But the good news is that has changed.

Now you have several options for adding desk functionality to your treadmill. Here they are:


#1 Lifespan TR1200 Desk Treadmill

treadmill deskThis is for those who don’t have a treadmill to start with. The Lifespan TR1200 treadmill desk is a fully functional treadmill with desk built in. You don’t have to buy the desk separately.

It is built to hold your computer, books, phone etc and gives you a lot of room to work.

Plus it has a spot for your cables and even a small console that is placed in front of your desk. So you can see your info as you walk without having to look over your laptop to see your stats (which can be a problem with the other options below.

Click here for more on the Lifespan TR1200 treadmill with desk


#2 TrekDesk

This is a great option if you already have a treadmill and you want to add a desk to it. This is the one I chose and it has been a great choice – fitting nicely over my Smooth treadmill.

According to the site, the Trekdesk easily fits over most treadmills on the market. Also, unlike the option above, you can fit it over any treadmill with incline (the 1200 treadmill above does not have incline) and walk on a slight incline to burn more calories.

You can learn more direct from the Trekdesk website here. You can also get it – sometimes cheaper – at Amazon here.


TrekDesk Buy Now


#3 SurfShelf

This isn’t really a desk – more like a holder for your laptop. It attaches to most treadmill consoles and you can put your laptop, magazines or books on it.

This is a good option if you just want to surf the net and read your emails while working. But you don’t get a ‘workspace’ with this product.

The advantage however is that it is much cheaper than the options above.

I actually have both the Surfshelf and TrekDesk. I put my laptop at eye level (better for ergonomics) and then work with the mouse and keyboard on the trekdesk as I walk.

Another benefit to this option is that you can easily move it to your other fitness equipment like bikes and ellipticals as well.



computer workout


So those are some options for a treadmill desk. Each one has benefits and drawbacks. Regardless of what you choose – you’re guaranteed to be healthier (and lighter) using any one of these product on a regular basis!