Treadmill With Desk – What Are Your Options?

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Outlining Your 3 Best Options For a Treadmill With Desk


treadmill with deskLooking for a treadmill with desk?

Treadmill desks are all the rage right now as we learn more about the health hazards of sitting for long periods of time (some experts even say this is worse than smoking – yikes!).

These are also known as “walking workstations” and unbeknownst to most people can be very different than regular treadmills.

So what are your options when it comes to finding a treadmill with desk?

This article will break down a few things you need to know before you go shopping – and show you where you can find some amazing deals on desk treadmills.



Three types of “Treadmill Desks”

In the market, there are really 3 types of treadmill desks you can choose from.


Walking Workstations

There are desks that are made specifically and ONLY to be used as walking workstations. This means they have a low speed limit and usually no incline (you’re only supposed to walk around 1 – 1.5 MPH on a walking workstations).

Examples of this type of desk is seen in the Lifespan TR1200 Walking Workstation:


treadmill with desk
Lifespan TR1200 Desk Treadmill



Your max speed is about 4.0 MPH and there’s no incline or other common treadmill workout programs. But the desk area is quite large and sturdy.

And the treadmill has been around for years – which means it’s a great seller and very popular with buyers.



Treadmill with Desk – Dual Use Option

The second type of treadmill with desk is one that can be used as both a walking workstation – and as a regular treadmill. So you’ll find things like incline and higher speed limits on these treadmills.

An example of this type of treadmill with desk is the Proform Thinline treadmill:



proform treadmill with desk
Proform Thinline Treadmill With Desk



It has a console that can be folded down into a desk area. It also has incline (and even decline) along with higher speed limits. It also folds up which is something most walking workstations do not do.

This would be a great option if you work from home – and want the option to have a regular “workout” on your treadmill as well as being able to walk and work at times.



Desk To Fit Over Your Current Treadmill:

The third type of treadmill with desk is really more suited to someone who already has a treadmill – it’s a type of desk that you buy and put over your treadmill. It’s officially called the Trekdesk:


treadmill desk alternative



These are built to fit over almost any treadmill and give you a lot of workspace. I have one of these over my treadmill and can vouch for the fact that it’s extremely sturdy and large.

Plus it adjusts up and down to fit over your treadmill side arms.


treadmill with desk - trekdesk


The only downside to this is that it might (depending on your treadmill console layout) take up a bit more room on your treadbelt, pushing you backwards slightly.

But if you already have a treadmill and don’t want to buy a new one, the Trekdesk is a great option – giving you one of the largest workspace areas out there.

So those are some of your main options when shopping for a treadmill with desk.

There is a fourth option of course – you can try making a desk to fit over the treadmill yourself. This may seem cheaper overall, however it can be time consuming. It can also get expensive if you don’t get the measurements just right and have to do it over again.

If you’re trying to do it yourself also remember to make it adjustable up and down. The height at which you work is important for proper ergonomics. Good luck!

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