Walking to Lose Weight – 3 Reasons To Try It

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walking to lose weightIf you’re interested in buying a treadmill, you’re may also be thinking about walking to lose weight.

Walking on your treadmill is a great way to lose weight and get healthier. Just in case you need some inspiration, here are 3 reasons to try walking to lose weight:


#1) Walking is a popular form of cardio that almost anyone can do – regardless of your current level of fitness.

While jogging can be a very effective way to lose weight too, it can be very hard on the joints. And for many people just starting out, it can be just too hard on the body. This is another reason why people stick to walking to lose weight; because when walking you can burn as many calories as jogging – it just takes longer.

There are days when I run – but most days it’s much more enjoyable for me to walk for an hour than jog 20 – 30 minutes.

And you can start slow – if you’re newbie to exercise – and then work up to faster walking speeds, inclines, etc. So there’s lots of room to grow.

I have a friend that started with 1 mile a day. Now she’s up to 5 and has lost about 20 pounds without changing her diet!


#2 Increase Your Resting Metabolism & Decrease Appetite

walking to lose weightAnother great thing about walking to lose weight is that it increases your metabolism; which enables you to keep burning calories even after you have stopped. For example, after a brief walk of about two miles, it can keep you burning calories for almost half a day.

Walking also helps to suppress your appetite. I have a friend that if she feels hungry and it’s not time to eat yet, she just jumps on her treadmill for a gentle walk – and her hunger seems to go away.

I’ve noticed myself that when I’m walking on a regular basis, I don’t have the desire to eat as much. It seems counterintuitive but for some reason it works.


#3 Great Way To Deal With Stress

Walking is one of the best ways to deal with stress. If for some reason I miss my daily walk, I feel it. And I miss it. Because it’s a great way to just forget about everything.

Walking is also a great way to work out problems in your head. I find the action of the walking movement to be therapeutic when I’m upset or stressed about something. And it’s a better way to deal with issues than by eating them!


So those are 3 reasons to try walking for weight loss.

If you have any more reasons why you like walking to lose weight, leave them below!


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