The Most Important Question To Ask When Choosing A Treadmill

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Excerpt From “Treadmill Buying Guide 101”


Ewhat to ask when buying a treadmillditor’s Note: This is an excerpt from my Kindle book  Treadmill Buying Guide 101 -How To Save Hundreds of Dollars, Avoid Common Pitfalls and Find A Treadmill You Love! Enjoy:


Most treadmill buyers make one key mistake when they decide to buy a treadmill: they immediately jump into comparing and researching all of their options.

Maybe they start sizing up motor powers or searching for the longest treadbelt. Maybe they start browsing through a store and jumping onto every treadmill they see.

But that’s actually not the best way to do it.

By just jumping in this way, you can end up spending a lot more than you have to when making your purchase. Why? Because before you go looking at treadmills, you need to ask yourself this crucial question:

What do YOU need in a treadmill?

For example, if you’re a runner, you’re going to need a sturdier treadmill with better quality cushioning than an occasional walker. And there’s no point in getting a treadmill with Internet hookup if you don’t spend a lot of time surfing the net.

And while it’s neat to have a treadmill that will log your fitness miles online for you – if you’re like me and way too busy to go online and upload your latest workout, you won’t use this feature. So why pay more to have it?

So the first thing to ask yourself when buying is this: What do you need in a treadmill?

Here are some questions to help you work out the answer to that:


1) What will you use your treadmill for (i.e. walking, running, jogging, incline training)?

2 ) How many other people in your home will be using the treadmill – and how will they be using the treadmill?

3) How much are you planning to use your treadmill (for example, to take hour long workouts every day or only a 20 minute walk once a week?)

4) Do you get bored easily and need a lot of distractions when you work out?

5) Would you like to work while on the treadmill (for example, read your emails, have your laptop set up on it, surf the net, catch up on business news)?

6) How heavy is the heaviest user who will be on the treadmill?

7) How tall is the tallest user who will be on the treadmill?

8) Do you have space requirements for the treadmill (for example, are you in a small apartment or condo)?

9) Do you want to track your fitness progress over time and reach new fitness goals?

10) What’s the main purpose behind buying the treadmill (for example to lose weight, to get in shape, to train for a marathon, to save on gym fees)?

11) What are your budget restrictions?

12) Do you have fitness goals you hope to achieve using your treadmill? What are they?

13) What is most important to you when choosing a treadmill (for example, having it for a long time with no repairs, coming in under your budget, having the latest technology to distract you while you workout, burning calories quickly)?

14) What is your past experience with treadmills – whether in the gym or past home purchases? What did you like or not like about these machines?


By answering these questions, you’re now in a better position to know exactly what you need when buying. Don’t worry however if you don’t know all the answers to these questions right away. Just let them simmer for a while. As you read this guide, you’ll learn more and get a better idea of what you really need.

However, by starting to think about these things before you jump in and start shopping, you’ll save time and frustration (not to mention gas money). You’re more likely to get a better fit for you when you do buy. You’ll also get more enjoyment out of your treadmill – and probably even save money by not paying for features that you don’t need!

So now that you’re starting to get a picture of what you want and need in a treadmill, let’s move on to the wide world of specialty treadmills – which one do you need?

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