Xterra 3.0 Trail Runner Treadmill Review

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Pros and Cons of the Xterra 3.0 Treadmill


xterra 3.0 Treadmill Review
Xterra 3.0 Trail Runner Treadmill

The Xterra 3.0 is one of the most affordable treadmills in their line up, coming under $800 as of this writing.

The price point alone makes it a very interesting option for many people.

It’s a starter treadmill with some decent basics including a backlit console, side handrail controls and up to 10% incline.

Is the 3.0 Trail Runner right for you? Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics:

Price: $799 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.25 HP

Incline: 10%

Speed: 0 – 10 MPH

Belt: 20 x 55″

Built-In Workouts: 9

Warranty: Lifetime Frame and Motor, 1 Year Deck, Parts and Labor

xterra 3.0 treadmill console


Pros of the Xterra 3.0 Treadmill


Side Handrail Controls

xterra-6-6-treadmill-siderailsChange your speed or incline easily from the side handrail controls.

This is a popular feature that people really like as they don’t have to reach up to the console for quick changes (which can often throw off your stride)


Backlit Console

The console – while fairly basic – is backlit and easy to read. It has a large 8 by 20 segment dot matrix profile, a ¼ mile track display, and seven types of feedback.


Folding To Save Space

The 3.0 treadmill folds up easily to save space. You get a bit of help with the lift assist mechanism so you don’t have to lift the heavy deck yourself.

xterra folding 3.0 treadmill

iPod Dock With Speakers

There’s a plugin for your iPod or other mp3 player. So you can listen to your favorite tunes as you walk.


xterra 3.0 treadmill review


Cons of the Xterra 3.0 Trail Racer:


Bare Bones Design

This treadmill is fairly bare bones. The belt is on the shorter side at 55 inches and the rollers are only 1.8 inches (larger rollers help reduce static and prolong the life of your treadmill).


Simple Console

The console is also on the simpler side – with plastic push-keys that are a bit dated.


Brand Reputation

The Xterra brand is fairly new to the market – so it hasn’t had years to built a solid following like Nordictrack or Sole.

While some people don’t really care about this, to other people spending a lot of money, they want a proven brand name.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable treadmill without the bells and whistles, you may want to consider the XTerra 3.0 treadmill. It gives you some simple basics for a great price.

However it’s also fair to note that there are other brands like Proform, Nordictrack and Horizon that make treadmills in the same price range that give you stronger motors, longer belts and better console designs.


Where To Buy Online:

You can get the Xterra 3.0 Treadmill – and read the latest reviews by clicking here. You can also get Free Shipping here which will save you about $150.

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xterra 3.0 Treadmill Review
Xterra 3.0 Treadmill


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