XTerra 6.6 Trail Runner Treadmill Review – Worth Your Money?

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XTerra 6.6 Treadmill Review – Pros and Cons


XTerra 6.6 Treadmill Review
Xterra 6.6 Treadmill

Xterra is a fairly new brand to the market, offering a range of starter to mid-priced treadmills.

One of their most affordable treadmills is the 6.6 Trail Racer Treadmill – coming in at an attractive price point of $999.

You get some decent basics like a 3.0 HP motor, extra long 60 inch belt and iPod jack with speakers.

So is it a good buy for you? Here’s a review of the XTerra 6.6 Treadmill:



Price: $999 + Free Shipping

Motor: 3.0 HP

Speed: 0 – 12 MPH

Incline: 15%

Belt: 20 x 60″

Folding? Yes

Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Year on Deck, 2 Years on parts, 1 year on Service


XTerra 6.6 Treadmill Review Console

Xterra 6.6 Treadmill Review – Pros:


3.0 HP Motor

This is a great motor power at this price point and will easily power you through walking or running workouts.


Side Handrail Controls

You can change the incline or speed from the buttons on the side handrails instead of reaching up to the console. This is handy since reaching up to the console can sometimes throw off your stride.




Heavy and Stable

This treadmill does feel pretty heavy and stable with a high 300 pound user weight capacity. So even if you’re running it doesn’t shake or wobble when you pick up the pace. While it’s not health-club stable, it’s still quite good at this price point.


Folding With Added Help

The XTerra Trail Runner folds up to save you space. Plus there’s a lift-assist mechanism you can use to make it easier to fold and unfold the treadmill – which saves the strain on your back.



iPod Dock With Speakers

You can plug in your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes through the console speakers as you run. This is fairly common now on treadmills but still a nice feature to have.


XTerra 6.6 Treadmill Review – Cons


Plastic Keys

While the console is large and bright, the plastic push-keys seem a bit outdated, especially for the price point.

XTerra 6.6 Treadmill Review Console

New Brand To The Market

The Xterra brand is fairly new to the market – so it hasn’t had years to built a reputation one way or another like Nordictrack or Sole.

While some people don’t really care about this, to other people spending a lot of money, they want a proven brand name.


 Bottom Line?

The XTerra 6.6 Trail Runner gives you some great basics on a solid, steady base. And it comes in at a great price around $1000. There are a few drawbacks however and at this price point, there’s a lot of competition it has to stand up against.

There are other brands that have been around for longer – and XTerra hasn’t made a lot of strides to set itself apart yet.

So you may want to compare it to the Nordictrack, Proform or even Sole models to make sure that you’re getting the best value for the money.


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