Yowza Fitness Treadmills – A Comment on Their IWM System

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Is The Intelligent Weight Management System Really A Good Idea?


yowza fitness treadmillIf you haven’t heard of Yowza treadmills don’t feel bad. Not a lot of people have.

They’re fairly new to the scene, however the company was started by the former owner of Smoothfitness. So these guys know what they’re doing.

And they’re at it again.

One of the things Yowza focuses on is innovation – bringing something totally new to the market that nobody has ever seen before. That way people talk about it and word spreads.

They did this and had crazy success with their cardiocore ellipticals – instead of standard elliptical arms, you get arms that move side to side – like a larger steering wheel.

This not only tones your arms but also works your core as well. Super cool.


yowza cardiocore elliptical


Following along the same lines, it looks like they’re trying to do something similar with their treadmills.

One of the main things that sets these treadmills apart is that most come with Yowza’s Intelligent Weight Management System (or IWM as it shall hence be called in this post).


yowza fitness treadmill - iwm console



Basically it works this way:

You get a special scale included with your treadmill. The scale communicates with your treadmill.

Before you go to workout you get on the scale – which senses even tiny fluctuations in your weight – and then changes the treadmill workout program for that day.

So for example, if you hit the pizza and beer a little too hard last night, you’ll get a fairly tough workout today. All in the name of burning off those extra calories so that you can keep your weight at a predetermined level.

Sounds great right?

Clearly, a man came up with this idea.

Because as a woman (and over 50% of us treadmill buyers are), I hate this idea. In fact it completely turns me off.

If I weighed myself every day I’d probably be suicidal by the end of the week. We ladies have things like hormones and fat days and water retention that seems to happen for no reason whatsoever. And I certainly don’t want my treadmill to be wagging its finger at me when these things happen.

I already feel condemned enough every time I look at Giselle Bundchen.


yowza fitness treadmill



So while some people may love this option with their treadmill, I’m not a fan – and I don’t know if other women would be either (please feel free to leave your comments below ladies).

Perhaps it’s time for Yowza to come up with another unique innovations – now cardiocore arms on a treadmill is an interesting idea…