Yowza Lido Treadmill Review

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Pros and Cons of the Yowza Lido Folding Treadmill


yowza lido review - folding treadmill
Yowza Lido Treadmill

The Yowza Lido folding treadmill is a specialized, super-compact folding treadmill.

Unlike standard treadmills, it’s portable and lightweight, making it ideal for apartments, condos or home offices.

It also comes with Yowza’s Intelligent Weight Management system to help you manage your weight seamlessly.

And it comes fully assembled in the box – so there’s no spending hours trying to put it together.

Is it right for you? Here’s a brief overview of what you should know:


The Basics:

Price: $899 + Free Shipping

Motor: 2.5 HP

Incline: 2 Settings (Manual)

Belt: 17 x 51″

Footprint: 63″ x 32″

Built-In Workouts: 8

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 2 years on all other parts including electronics and one year in home labor


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Yowza Lido Review – the Pros:



It folds up flat and you can fit it in a closet or even under a bed. The folded dimensions are 56″ x 14″. It’s also lighter weight than other treadmills  – making it easy to move around (and even take with you if you’re ambitious and have the room in your car).

The size of the treadmill makes it ideal for condos, apartments or just smaller workout areas.



Cushioning System – There is One

The problem with almost all compact treadmills is that they have very poor – if nonexistent – cushioning. But the Yowza Lido actually does have SwingArm cushioning – which is a popular cushioning system that provides some decent protection to your joints.



IWM – Manage Your Weight

Yowza is really pushing their Intelligent Weight Management system (or IWM as they call it). Basically, you get a special scale that communicates with your treadmill.

When you step on  it, the scales senses minute changes in your weight – and adjusts the treadmill program to fit your needs (you can always override the program if it gets too ambitious).

Here’s a great video showing how the IWM system works with the Yowza Lido treadmill (warning, it is a bit cheesy – but you get the point):




It Comes Fully Assembled

You just take it out of the box and go. There’s no fiddling with screws or reading manuals for hours or yelling at your significant other in frustration. That’s a big bonus.



You get a higher 9 MPH Speed Limit

Most compact treadmills currently on the market give you very low speed limits. The Horizon Evolve, for example, only gives you up to 6 MPH – with a smaller belt. Again, another “upgrade” feature.


yowza compact treadmill


Yowza Lido Review – The Cons:


It’s a Compact Treadmill

While this is a plus – it can also be a minus if you’re comparing it to non-compact (standard) treadmills. It just doesn’t give you as much in terms of motor power, belt length or workout options. You’re basically trading all of these things for a smaller, more compact, portable size – which for many people is worth it.



Small Belt

Because it’s made to be “compact”, the belt is on the small side. This is a flaw every compact treadmill will suffer from. On the plus side however, it’s actually several inches longer than other compact treadmills like the Horizon Evolve.



Bottom Line?

The Yowza Lido treadmill offers you an ultra-compact, portable treadmill that is a step-up from the current compact treadmills on the market. You get a stronger motor, longer belt, better cushioning, higher speed limit – and the Intelligent Weight Management system thrown in for good measure.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best compact treadmill on the market right now – this is it.



How To Save:

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yowza lido review
Yowza Lido

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